2021 Ms. Olympia Results

Ms. Olympia 2021 Results

Here are the full results from Ms. Olympia from Friday night.

The Women’s Open division will be back once again this season looking to crown a Ms. Olympia. This is an event that did not take place for five years but returned during the 2020 show. Now, Women’s Open is back and some of the best competitors in the world have a chance to show what they can do.

Andrea Shaw was the champion in last year’s event. She will return as one of the favorites to win her second-straight title this year in Orlando. Shaw brought a great physique and conditioning to the show last year and that is expected once again.

There was plenty of talent at the event and that included Helle Trevino. She finished second in last year’s event, behind Shaw, ad has competed in many Olympias in the past along with the Rising Phoenix. Margaret Marvelous and Monique Jones also showed up looking to make an impact. Marvelous had many believe that she should have won the title last year.

When looking at the competitors vying for Ms. Olympia, this competition could not have been a bust. It was extremely exciting from the start and the full results have been announced. Below, you can find the full results, along with the previous winners and an official score card.

Ms. Olympia Finals

Olympia 2020 Ms. Olympia Results

  • First Place – Andrea Shaw
  • Second Place – Helle Trevino
  • Third Place – Margie Martin
  • Fourth Place – Mona PourSaleh
  • Fifth Place – Irene Anderson
  • Sixth Place — Michaela Aycock
  • Seventh Place — Virginia Sanchez
  • Eighth Place — Janeen Lankowski
  • Ninth Place — Margita Zamolova
  • Tenth Place — Nadia Capotosto

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Official Ms. Olympia 2021 Scorecard

Ms. Olympia 2021 Scorecard

Previous Ms. Olympia Winners

  • 2006: Iris Kyle
  • 2007: Iris Kyle
  • 2008: Iris Kyle
  • 2009: Iris Kyle
  • 2010: Iris Kyle
  • 2011: Iris Kyle
  • 2012: Iris Kyle
  • 2013: Iris Kyle
  • 2014: Iris Kyle
  • 2020: Andrea Shaw

2021 Mr. Olympia Results So Far

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