3 Awesome Methods To Building Massive Strength ASAP

Everyone wants to be explosively powerful.

Yes, it’s another article about building strength. You think we’d move on from it and focus purely on building a specific body part. While that is among one of our chief intentions of these articles, sometimes you have to face facts and realize that there are other elements to the bodybuilding game besides looking completely shredded. Besides, if you want to look like a jacked bad ass then that means coming to the understanding that building quality strength is apart of the whole game. If you want massive muscle that means putting up massive weight. If you want to put up massive weight that means building massive strength.

In this day and age where everyone wants to get access to what they want immediately, these tips should have you getting some major strength gains in no time at all. Follow these tried and true methods and watch your strength build.


Now this method doesn’t mean that you’re going to throw on some straps, attach them to a barbell and lift. Actually this method requires a static hold rather than actually lifting the weight from one position into another. For instance, if you were trying to improve strength on the bench press you’ll take you 110% one rep max, unrack the bar simply hold the barbell at the top of the lift for five to ten seconds. This method will mean you’ll get used to holding up heavier weight while at the same time avoiding injury.

Double Up

At the beginning of every training session is usually when you’re at your strongest. By the end you’re usually spent, if you were training hard that is. What doubles entails is picking the lift you want to improve upon, splitting your usually set range in half, and performing the lift once at the beginning of your training and again at the end. Doing it all together can make your body go on autopilot, but by separating the sets your nervous system is forced to work over time. That means you’ll be forcing your body to prep for a hard lift not just once, getting used to the motion as you do, but twice meaning that your intra and intermuscular coordination will be maximized.

Cluster Training

This is a great method for building strength as evidenced by Olympic lifters utilizing this form of training during their sessions. The method goes like this: during a set you’ll perform your lift then give yourself a ten second rest before performing the next rep. This gives your nervous system a bit of recovery time and will ultimately allow you to perform more reps than what you’d usually accomplish during a typical set. For for example if you can perform your 60% one rep max for three reps then try and aim for five to six reps with the cluster training method.


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