6 Myths Of 6-Pack Abs Debunked So You Can Get Shredded

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Don’t be fooled and have it cost your abs.

With abs often being a casual benchmark of fitness, it’s no wonder there are so many myths and cheat codes surrounding it. Some are perpetuated by out of date programs, and some are developed by people too lazy to actually break things down for themselves. We all get information faster than ever because of the internet. This also means that the wrong practices get spread too quickly too.

While many of these myths are told with the intent to help, the bottom line is they are holding you back from massive gains – well no longer. Take a look at our 6 myths holding you pack from a 6-pack.

Myth #1: Men and Women are on equal playing field when it comes to abs.

Wrong. Unfortunately for women in the pursuit of 6-pack abs, nature is not politically correct. The truth is that women need more fat on their bodies to function properly. Things like childbirth, child rearing, and many other functions require a higher distribution of fat in certain areas – one of those being the midsection. Now is it impossible? Of course not, just one visit to Instagram to figure will straighten that out, but in general women do have to burn more calories and stick to stricter diet in order to achieve that glorious 6-pack.

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