Arnold Schwarzenegger & Phil Heath Team Up For Workout During Arnold Sports Festival

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath hit a workout together during the Arnold Sports Festival UK.
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A pair of seven-time Olympia champions hit the gym together for an intense workout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger might have been hosting the event over the weekend but he still found some time to hit the gym. One of the all-time great bodybuilders was joined by another legend in Phil Heath for a workout led by Hany Rambod.

Phil Heath totaled seven Olympia titles over the course of his career. Just like Ronnie and Jay, Phil Heath had an intense rivalry with Kai Greene. In 2020, he stepped on stage for the what seems to be the final time, but has been active in the gym ever since. During the 2020 show, Heath finished third and fans have been waiting for his return ever since. As of now, Heath is tied with Schwarzenegger with seven Olympia victories.

There were many stars on hand at the Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham, UK over the weekend. Hadi Choopan proved to be superior once again, earning his second victory in three weeks. Choopan won the Arnold Classic over Samson Dauda and the same result occurred this weekend.

Both Schwarzenegger and Heath dominated the sport of bodybuilding at their peaks. Now, they continue to remain in shape in retirement.

Phil Heath comeback

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Phil Heath Hit Workout 

The duo hit many exercises on Panatta equipment with Rambod present, along with many cameras that documented the session. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared videos on his Instagram page as well.

“When 14 Mr. Olympias walk into the @arnoldexpouk…💪”

Since Phil Heath was last on stage, there have been talks about a return. He quickly shut down the idea for 2023 but has not done the same for 2024, although there are no plans as of now. Heath has also spoken about returning to the Olympia, but only if it went back to being a one-day event. Also, Heath has gotten encouragement from many to return, including the likes of Jay Cutler. The prize money continues to rise during bodybuilding shows so it will be interesting if this is enough to persuade Heath to return.

What we know is that he, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, has remained in great shape. The duo continues to be up to date in bodybuilding while sharing their wisdom of fitness with the next generation of athletes.

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