The Best Pre and Post Workout Meals You Can Possibly Eat

The Best Pre and Post Workout Meals You Can Possibly Eat

Eat This Before and After Your Workout

There is no way you can build muscles mass if you’re not eating right before and after your workout. Many people don’t understand the fact that they break down muscle tissue in the gym and their muscles grow bigger and stronger while they’re outside the iron paradise.

What you eat pre and post-workout acts as the fuel for your body and determines the fate and size of your muscles. If you have been struggling with your pre and post-training nutrition, this article is for you.

First Things First

Before you decide on what you should eat pre and post-workout, you need to make sure it is in line with your diet plan. The before and after-training meals should not only give you a burst of energy but should also add to your daily nutrition goal.

Your pre-workout meal should have high carbs, and moderate proteins and fats as your muscles will need the glucose for energy which can be derived from breaking down carbohydrates in the body.

The post-workout meal should be high in protein, moderate in carbs and restrictive in fat content if your primary goal is to build muscle mass. Consuming fats right after your workouts can slow down the absorption of protein by your muscles and you might end up leaving a lot of gains on the table.

The Perfect Pre-Workout Meal

2 Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg, 2 Slices of Whole Wheat Bread with Black Coffee (or a Pre-Workout Supplement) – 226 Calories 28g Carbs 18.9g Protein 6.2g Fats

You need to remember that you need to eat your pre-workout meal at least 45-minutes before your workout. Eating your meal too close to your workout can be worse than not eating at all.

In your pre-workout meal, you’ll be eating two egg whites and a whole egg. You have a choice of consuming the eggs boiled or as an omelet. Along with the eggs, you’ll be eating two slices of bread. You can also include green vegetables like broccoli or salad in this meal.

If you’re someone who likes to drink a pre-workout supplement before a training session, you should be doing it after eating the meal. You don’t need to fret if you don’t have the extra dollars for the pre-workout drink. A cup of black coffee can also do the trick.

The Best Post-Workout Meal

  • Whey Protein Shake, 100g Chicken Breast, and Half Cup Rice – 398 Calories 27.5g Carbs 56.2g Protein 5.8g Fats

We recommend a high quality meal replacement. You’ll be having your post-workout meal in two shifts. You’ll have your post-workout whey protein shake right after you finish your weight training. We also recommend you do a HIIT cardio session after drinking your protein shake.

After completing your cardio session, wait for ten-minutes before eating the remainder of your post-training meal. The good old chicken breast and rice have been a bodybuilder favorite for a long time.

By following the aforementioned diet, you can rest assured your muscles are properly fed and the groundwork has been laid for optimal muscle gain.

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