Blessing Awodibu Welcomes Michal Krizo Into The IFBB Pro: “Welcome To The Ass Whooping League”

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Blessing Awodibu invites Brett Wilkin and James Hollingshead to compete against Michal Krizo in his first IFBB Pro show as a “nice welcome gift.”

Blessing Awodibu wants to see Michal Krizo get defeated in his first pro competition – according to recent comments made on Instagram. Within just one day of Krizo earning his IFBB Pro card, Awodibu “welcomed” him into the pro league by playfully indicating he won’t easily win his next competition. Awodibu then went further openly inviting other notable pro bodybuilders to purposefully compete against Krizo in order to knock him down a few pegs.

On Saturday, October 8th, 2022 – Michal Krizo officially earned his pro card by winning the Olympia Amateur competition in Italy. Leading up to this contest, Krizo and Blessing Awodibu traded insults as a rivalry brewed. While the entire rivalry seems to be all in good fun – Awodibu appears to undercut the hype surrounding Krizo’s much fawned over physique. He believes that Krizo will be brought back down to reality once he starts competing in the pro league – finding it harder to earn first place.

Now that Michal Krizo is officially pro, Blessing Awodibu used the moment as an opportunity to taunt him further. Awodibu congratulated Krizo with a tongue-in-cheek message made in the comments of Bis And Tris Instagram post announcing Krizo’s pro card news. You can see the post followed by Awodibu’s comment below:


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Blessing Awodibu comment on Michal Krizo

“Welcome to the ass whopping [sic] league 🤣”

– Blessing Awodibu

Referring to the IFBB Pro league as a “ass whopping” league specifically for Michal Krizo, Awodibu further presses that Krizo will have a much more difficult time finding victory. Blessing Awodibu had previously pointed out weaknesses in Krizo’s physique. Weaknesses that matter less in the NPC and even in the IFBB Elite Pro league (In which Krizo formerly competed) – but will cause him much more of a challenge now competing against the best of the best.

Blessing Awodibu then took his trash talk further by inviting fellow competitors Brett Wilkin and James Hollingshead to purposefully compete against Michal Krizo in his first IFBB Pro show. Awodibu calls the invitation a “nice welcome gift.” A playful attempt at hazing to truly give Krizo a crash course in facing off against some of the most talented bodybuilders the league has to offer.

@brett_wilkin @hollingshead89 please do the same show this guy doing 😂🤣 that would be fun to watch , it will be a nice welcome gift 🎁 😂”

– Blessing Awodibu

Blessing Awodibu has made it clear in the past that his trash talk is all in good fun. Awodibu enjoys bringing entertainment and hype to the league and upcoming competitions. With Krizo making many headlines as of late, Awodibu saw an opportunity to bring more excitement to Krizo’s entrance into the IFBB Pro league.

Clearly, Awodibu’s invitation is all in jest and will likely not actually happen. Michal Krizo stated previously that he would like to compete in the EVLS Prague Pro show to try and earn qualification into the 2022 Mr. Olympia. That’s just three weeks away.

Whether Brett Wilkin or James Hollingshead chooses to compete or not – Krizo will still have a different kind of competition on his hands. Not only will Krizo be facing off against fell pro competitors for the first time in the IFBB Pro league, he will also be competing just three weeks after his previous competition. Some noted his conditioning was off during the Olympia Amateur Italy show. Will he be able to bring it into more focus in Prague? Only time will tell.

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