PNBA Brandon Lirio Attempts to Devour Double “The Rock’s” Cheat Meal

Brandon Lirio cheat meal
Images via Instagram @therock and bgf_lirio

PNBA Classic Physique Natural Olympia champ Brandon Lirio tries to eat double “The Rock’s” recent cheat meal. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently shared a monster cheat meal, where he indulged in the famous west coast fast food joint, In-N-Out Burger. He ordered two double-double burgers and two orders of fries. And he added Termana Blanco and Reposado tequila. This meal equated to about 2k calories. But 3x PNBA Natural Olympia Classic Physique champ, Brandon Lirio, was more than up for the challenge. Lirio decided to raise the stakes and attempt to double this amount, putting him around 4k calories. 

Lirio may not be the biggest guy compared to the muscle action star icon “The Rock”– Dwayne Johnson stands 6’5″ and 260 pounds, while Lirio is a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter at 5’5” and 165 pounds. But this dude is strong. Lirio recently went to Iceland with Iceland’s strongest man and may be the lightest fellow to lift the Husafell Stone, which weighs a little north of a whopping 400 pounds. 

Brandon Lirio uploaded a short clip of his mission on Instagram. Lirio said:

“From a superset laden leg day to me trying to double @therock’s cheat day calories to take it back for the little guys!

Can I house almost 4,000 calories in a sitting!? Well we are about to find out so tune in!”

Natural Olympia Workout 

Before stuffing his face in some burgers and fries, Lirio first completed a Natural Olympia leg workout. He worked out in his garage, which was steaming hot, according to Lirio. Lirio did a series of squats on the squat lever machine, standing hamstring curls, leg presses, leg extensions, and lying leg curls. Lirio stated:

“We’ll do a lot of supersets and giant sets so that we work on muscle density and detail. And, uh, we basically just keep going until it burns so bad that you barely walk up the stairs.” 

Natural Olympia is about 90 days out, so Lirio has picked up his training intensity. And by the end of his brutal workout, he left himself exhausted with quite the appetite to challenge “The Rock’s” cheat meal extravaganza.

Brandon Lirio’s Cheat Meal Vs. “The Rock’s”

Although “The Rock’s” cheat meal came from In-N-Out Burger, the meal Brandon Lirio consumed was from Wendy’s. Lirio admitted that he used to prefer Burker King, but the patties from Wendy’s are the most delicious. 

“The Rock’s” macros were: 100g of fat, 190g of carbs, and 88g of protein. That’s when Lirio pondered:

“That’s not that much. I do more than that all the time.”

Lirio’s cheat meal was calculated to be 4k calories in one sitting: 209g of fat, 386g of carbs, and 131g of protein. Lirio also had some ketchup to dip in and swigs of diet coke. Unfortunately, Lirio wasn’t able to eat double Dwayne Johnson’s calories. However, he consumed about 700-800 calories more than “The Rock,” which he counted as a win. 

You can see the YouTube video of Brandon Lirio crushing an intense leg workout and eating this ginormous meal below. 

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