Calum Von Moger explains how he earned his IFBB pro card and his contest prep training leading up to the NPC Universe.

It’s been a long wait full of starts and stops but Calum Von Moger is now officially a pro bodybuilder. This means we will start to see him showing up at some of the biggest shows of the year. If he qualifies, we may even see him at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Calum Von Moger goes into detail about his contest prep training and schedule that earned him his pro card.

Calum Von Moger has had quite the roller coaster of a journey over the past two years. If it were up to Calum, he would have been a pro bodybuilder as early as last year. But life sometimes has different plans and throws curveballs at us. That certainly happened to Calum after two injuries threw off his entire future plans.

That journey and his recovery from those injuries was chronicled in our documentary feature – Calum Von Moger: Unbroken. But now that the recovery is behind him, Calum spent most of 2020 focusing on preparing to finally earn his pro card. While life yet again threw off his plans in the form of COVID-19, this time he was able to rally and pull off a victory at the 2020 NPC Universe in November.

We caught up with Calum von Moger after his win to catch up, reflect on his big win, and look towards his pro bodybuilding future. Calum takes the time to explain to us what he’s been up to since his full recovery, how he shifted gears due to the pandemic, and also details his contest prep leading up to his pro card win.

Calum Von Moger’s Contest Prep Training Schedule

Calum Von Moger’s contest prep can be defined quite simply: sleep, train, eat. He transformed his entire lifestyle to focusing solely on prep so that he could have no room to fail. He also detailed that he would train some body parts twice per week – both to pick up lagging body parts and simply because he had the time. With no other distractions, he optimized all of his time towards contest prep and training from home.

You can check out his overall contest prep schedule below:

  • Wake up at 7am
  • Fat Burner & Multi-Vitamins
  • 40 minute fasted cardio (walking his dog on a hike)
  • 8am first meal (potatoes, eggs, beef)
  • Rest
  • 11am gym
  • Come back and eat second meal
  • Rest
  • Second training session 7pm
  • Third Meal – Protein
  • Fourth meal
  • Sleep

Calum Von Moger’s Lagging Body Parts

As noted above, Calum Von Moger focused on training certain body parts twice per week. While this was due to him having extra time from solely focusing on training, it was also to help build up lagging body parts.

Specifically his two biggest lagging parts where his back and legs. Specifically his injured quad. He would make sure to focus on those groups first each week and then ensure he get train them a second time later in the week as well. Calum also goes into detail on his bicep training and how he was able to rebuild his muscle after injury.

Acknowledging your weak points and improving them is a key aspect of contest prep. Being able to evaluate and readjust is paramount in bringing your physique to perfection. This is something Calum Von Moger was able to focus on. It was most likely a large part of how he earned his pro card.

You can watch Calum Von Moger talk about his pro card win, his training, and how he brings himself to overcome adversity in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above! You can also watch Calum Von Moger: Unbroken on digital today. Click here or the banner below to stream or download!

Calum Von Moger Unbroken

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