Top CBD Fitness Supplements To Have In Your Gym Bag

CBD fitness supplements

These CBD fitness supplements are great for your gym bag.

Our gym bags are often full of stuff. Hydration products, gear like belt and gloves, and of course a change of clothes for the ride home. And with so many supplements it can be hard to choose which ones are essential to have in our gym bag.

However, CBD fitness supplements are those must have supplements for what they can do for our gains and how they can impact our overall health and performance. If you are wondering how these can better help you, look no further than here.


While some people are skeptical about CBD and what it can actually do, it is important to realize that CBD is actually very helpful in the long run. It is still being researched, yes, but with so much research already out there, knowing what it can do for you can make a real difference.

CBD fitness supplements

Why Use CBD Supplements

CBD supplements are growing more and more in popularity, and these are great for substituting for traditional medicine. A natural approach to rehab and recovery, CBD and CBD supplements are what you need to feel great and perform even better. If you are someone looking for a boost to your health and performance, taking CBD supplements into consideration can go a long way for your gains as you see the best results.

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Benefits Of CBD

Looking into the benefits of CBD, it is important to consider what this supplement can do for you. CBD has the potential to help you recover better to relieve muscle soreness and unwanted inflammation as you look to boost your overall recovery goals (1,2). This will allow for faster bounce back and more time spent in the gym and working on toning that shredded aesthetic. Plus, CBD can also promote better sleep which is, as we all know, when the best recovery happens.

CBD also plays a role in things like appetite, immunity, mood and anxiety and depression, and a host of others bodily functions that can potentially make our lives just that much easier (3,4). In efforts to support both physical and mental functions, this supplement is one to have on your shelf at home and in your gym bag come time to workout.

CBD fitness supplements

Top CBD Fitness Supplements

Let’s take a look at some of the top CBD fitness supplements to have in your gym bag so you know exactly what is needed to see great results when it comes to recovery and soreness relief. While there are plenty of supplements and tons of brands, knowing at least what to look for will allow you to find the best products possible.


  • Topicals For Massaging Those Muscles

CBD topicals are great for athletes given that are relaxing creams and gels to gently massage into the area for fast-acting relief. Many companies have started creating faster acting topicals because they know that athletes are demanding the best products. What you will find with a high-quality CBD topical is most likely a cooling sensation with a nice scent while feeling like it is actually having a positive effect on your overall physical health and athletic performance.

One potential downside to topicals is that they can be a bit messy so having a towel in your gym bag is also a good idea.

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  • Tinctures For Great Tastes

Some people like to ingest their CBD and tinctures are great for this. We will get to edibles in a minute, but people often times gravitate towards tinctures because these are faster acting as well. A more potent form of CBD, tinctures offer the chance to have a great tasting CBD supplement in an efficient and clean form.

One downside to tinctures is that you cannot obviously apply directly to the affected muscle or sore spot, and as a supplement in your gym bag, this is often times a much needed supplement.

  • Edibles To Eat For Relief

Edibles are always a nice option for those who want it because you can get a gummy or potentially some sort of baked good. People gravitate towards edibles often times because they don’t feel as though they are actually taking in CBD, since it is inside of food. However, you do get benefits which can go a long way for seeing great gains.

One downside of edibles are that they are slower to digest so it takes longer for CBD to hit you and kick into effect. But don’t totally disregard these because they can be great options.

CBD fitness supplements

Featured CBD Supplement

We wanted to share a great CBD supplement to absolutely have in your gym bag. A branch off of the topical, a roll-on stick is something to absolutely consider for what it can do for your overall gains and mess-free support. Unlike a strict CBD cream, a roll-on stick eliminates the need for clean-up and will only benefit your gym goals in the long run.

Level Select CBD Level 3 Sports Roll-On

Level Select CBD Level 3 Sports Roll-On is a high concentration CBD massaging roller supplement with 1,800mg of high-quality CBD for those muscle soreness needs.

Level 3 Sports Roll-On is a new and improved CBD topical designed with their highest concentration of 1,800mg for maximum strength. What you will find with this supplement is a higher amount of CBD at a lower price, something hard to find on the market today. The massaging roller ball allows for targeted application and relief of this mess-free and fast-absorbing formula. A cooling mint scent is a nice addition and this is perfect for those on-the-go needs from home, the office, or a competition.

Price: $49.99

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Wrap Up

CBD fitness supplements have potential to greatly impact your overall gains and what you will find are these can add to your gym bag and give you the best supplies come that post-workout recovery routine. Checking out the right supplements and knowing exactly what to look for can go a long way and all you need is that boost to get you there. Whether it is a tincture, topical, edible, or some other form, CBD and its respective supplements can take you a long way when looking to maximize your overall health and performance.

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