Fitness Expert Claims Rich Piana Died Do To Complications From Insulin Use

Could insulin be to blame for the passing of Rich Piana?

The bodybuilding world was shaken back in august by the deaths of both IFBB pro Dallas McCarver and Internet personality Rich Piana. Both men passed away under mysterious circumstances and it has left many fans scratching their heads as to the cause of death. Well, as far as Rich Piana goes, it seems that fitness expert Matt Fiddes is claiming to know the cause of death. Insulin.

One of the premier bodybuilding drugs, insulin can take a bodybuilder’s gains to the next level. It’s long been referenced as the source for what made Dorian Yates into an absolute beast and the tradition still holds true today. But taking insulin has some major risks involved. When you inject insulin into your body you must take all the necessary measures to balance the sugar levels in your body. That means getting the right amount of food into your body within a certain period of time. In a way, it’s like playing Russian roulette and hoping to come out unscathed. In an interview with the Daily Star, Matt Fiddes said the following:

“He would naturally take a pre-workout and then get to the photo shoot, do some press ups, some curls, get his body in condition and then come home,” said Fiddes. “They have to eat enough sugar to balance the insulin just like a diabetic would, otherwise they will go into a coma and die. If the photoshoot dragged on a little bit he may not have eaten enough sugars to balance what insulin he would have taken.”

Matt Fiddes claims are unfounded at this point as no official cause of death has been determined at this time. But Rich Piana himself did speak about his insulin use openly as well as the dangers involved in taking the substance. For now we’ll all have to wonder what is truth and what’s fiction until the official cause of death is determined. But if Matt Fiddes is correct and insulin is indeed to blame for the death of Rich Piana, it opens the door to a conversation that must be had. Is getting absolutely massive truly worth it if it means constantly risking your life?

Do you think insulin use has gotten overboard in bodybuilding?

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