How To Create A Great Supplement Stack For Total Gains

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The right supplement stack will take your gains to new heights.

We all take supplements, for we know what they can do for our gains but finding the right supplement stack will exponentially grow our gains ten-fold. While one supplement is just fine to see effective growth, taking multiple supplements that work well together in tandem can be that game changer you’ve been looking for. As bodybuilders and athletes seeking only the best gains, it is important that we maximize our potential with the right stack.

Looking to those supplements we already take, try and see which ones will pair well together. We’ll discuss a few stacks later on that are perfect for a specific goal in mind but ultimately you know your body and what it needs to succeed. Knowing your goals is imperative, for that will affect what products you buy, what kind of training you do, and what nutrition plan you follow. While supplements aren’t everything, they certainly can help take your gains to the next level and to a level you definitely want to see.


Let’s jump into supplement stacks and see how effective these can be. With the right approach, all those gains you want most are right around the corner and will greatly affect how much growth you see, how much fat you lose, and how shredded of an aesthetic you can produce.

Why Supplements Matter

Supplements are an efficient way to get extra nutrients into our bodies, so we see the growth we want most. By tackling the right approach, we can better produce gains we seek and see results we work hard for. Eating whole foods and following a good plan is a portion of the battle, while training and following a good plan is another portion. But supplements are that third key component that can take your gains to new heights.

Supplements matter because by following the right plan, you can see better benefits to things like muscle growth, recovery, fat loss, energy, muscle pumps, and our overall health. Ultimately, we seek to elevate our performance because better performance yields better results.

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Key Supplements To Stack With

Let’s take a look at some key supplements you should be taking and ones that will work well together in certain stacks, dependent on your goals of course.

  • Protein Powders

A good protein powder will work to pump you with adequate amounts of protein so you never suffer from low protein intake. As the foundation and building blocks of all muscle, protein can increase muscle growth while also boost recovery, allowing those muscles to heal and repair themselves (1,2). Also, protein powders are good weight loss aids by working to keep you full for longer without the need for snacking (3).


  • Pre-Workout

For those looking to get the best energy and increase muscle pumps, a pre-workout supplement is something to definitely consider. Able to increase energy and focus, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow, this supplement can greatly affect your pre-workout gains (4,5).

  • Creatine

Creatine is a very popular supplement among bodybuilders and athletes and can increase strength, improve your metabolism, and boost overall athletic performance. With many types and different forms, the ability to find something to your liking is absolutely possible (6,7).

  • BCAAs

A great intra-workout supplement is BCAAs and these will increase muscle growth, reduce fatigue, and decrease overall muscle soreness (8,9). These, along with EAAs (essential amino acids) will ignite muscle growth and prove to be a nice supplement for those mid-workout needs.

  • Multivitamin

A multivitamin is something we all should take but this is imperative to pump you with essential vitamins and minerals often missed in a whole food diet. An easy supplement to take at the start of your day, your overall health and wellness needs are covered in no time.

  • Omega-3’s

Omega-3 supplements come in many forms including fish oil, krill oil, and even plant-based products. Able to promote eye and brain health, fight inflammation (10), and increase bone and joint health, you get a great supplement working to pump you with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Fat Burners

Losing fat and looking to shred can be challenging but a fat burner is something to improve your overall physique. Working to boost metabolism, support appetite suppression, improve cognitive function, and maintain lean muscle, this supplement allows for the best gains for those looking for a leaner, more toned aesthetic.

  • Testosterone Booster

Suffering from low testosterone levels can be terrible but a testosterone booster is something to improve your overall health as well as performance. Increasing sex drive, improving cognitive function, aiding in body composition changes, and allowing you to reach optimal T levels are just some benefits of what this supplement can do (11,12).

  • Mass Gainer

For those looking to really pack on mass, a mass gainer is what you need most. High in calories with a great balance of macronutrients, mass gainers can boost muscle growth and recovery, help keep you lean, and allow you to pack on serious mass. The nice part is these are typically high in fiber with digestive enzymes to allow for better digestion and absorption of these nutrients.

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Best Way To Go About Stacking

With the supplements above and their respective benefits, stacking these in an efficient way can lead to only the best gains. Below are some great supplement stacks to try to maximize your gains.

Muscle Building

Build that solid muscle and look to sculpt a strong and stable physique.

  • Pre-workout
  • Creatine
  • Protein powder
  • Omega-3

Performance Enhancer

Give yourself everything you need to boost overall athletic performance to see gains.

  • Testosterone Booster
  • Pre-Workout
  • Creatine

Mass Gaining

Improve your overall mass and provide for a serious bulk as you beef up.

  • Mass Gainer
  • Protein Powder
  • BCAA

Ultimate Shred

Lean down and look shredded as you burn away stubborn fat while maintaining lean muscle.

  • Fat Burner
  • Protein Powder
  • Multivitamin

Wrap Up

Finding the right supplement stack for you is something to absolutely consider for it will take your gains to the next level. The right supplements in your routine can make all the difference and will greatly impact how you progress in your training and overall performance. Check out these stacks above and set yourself up for the best success.

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