Dennis Wolf Speaks On Men’s Open vs. Classic, Bodybuilders Dying: ‘It’s Always Been This Way’

Classic vs. Men's Open

Dennis Wolf joined Jay Cutler to discuss the recent ongoings in bodybuilding.

Dennis Wolf was a popular name in bodybuilding during his time on stage. He competed in the Olympia competition 10 times and brought an incredible package year in and year out. He remains up to date and influential in bodybuilding. Recently, Wolf joined Jay Cutler to discuss some of the recent ongoings in the sport.

Wolf was able to win the 2014 Arnold Classic before a fourth-place finish at the Olympia. Of course, Cutler is one of the top bodybuilders of all-time, having won the Olympia four times throughout his career. On a recent episode of Cutler Cast on YouTube, the duo sat down to discuss different topics in bodybuilding.

Dennis Wolf on Recent Deaths: ‘It’s Happened Too Much’

The string of bodybuilders dying has hit the sport hard in recent months. This has been happening since the end of 2021 when Shawn Rhoden and George Peterson passed away suddenly. Wolf weighed in on the discussion and acknowledged that it has been happening far too often.

“There’s so many sports right. But nobody talks about what happened in the last two years. Nobody talks about how many soccer players died. They were in their 20s! Nobody is pointing at anything. It’s always been this way. Of course, the past few years, it’s happened too much.”

Bostin Loyd also passed away with heart problems. Cedric McMillan’s death really hit the bodybuilding community hard. Wolf specifically discussed a friend of his, Paul Poloczek.

“Unfortunately, even my good friend and athlete died a couple of weeks ago. Paul Poloczek. He was young man. Just 37 years old. Polish. We’ve been working together. I’m friends with a lot of my athletes. We became friends and we’ve been talking about his next surgery because the last one didn’t go well.”

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Men’s Open Bodybuilding vs. Classic Physique?

The Classic Physique division is one that continues to grow in popularity year by year. The stars that compete on stage are becoming some of the biggest figures in the sport. This includes reigning three-time Olympia champion Chris BumsteadMany have spoken about Classic Physique being a healthier alternative and that it might be taking over the sport, one being Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

It is not just Bumstead that is carrying the division. Terrence Ruffin and Breon Ansley are still at the top of their game. Newcomers Ramon Rocha Queiroz and Urs Kalecinski have also shown that they are here to stay.

“It could change every year or something. Even the Olympia, it’s not like the top-five is going to stay the same. It’s not like back in the day where the top two or three guys are always fighting for the first place. Somehow the top five and top six didn’t change much right, in ten years. Right, in ten years, straight competing at the Olympia every year, I was in the top six right. So, it’s almost every time the same guys.”

Dennis Wolf continued to discuss Men’s Open at the Olympia. Big Ramy is the reigning two-time champion but it is anyone’s game heading into the competition. Wolf believes it will be who shows up with the best conditioning.

This was a controversial topic last year as many thought that Hadi Choopan was the best conditioned.

“Who brings the best condition. I mean they are all potential winners but I think Hadi Choopan is… yeah from all of these guys, who could really bring it.

If Ramy comes in better than last year, he will be one of the favorites because it’s still bodybuilding. He’s big.”

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