Derek Lunsford Shares ‘Beach Bod’ Arm Workout

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Derek Lunsford is helping you prepare for the beach this summer with this arm workout!

Derek Lunsford is hard at work to keep his physique in championship shape. He has turned in one of his best offseasons yet and it is only getting started. Recently, Lunsford shared his latest ‘beach bod’ arm workout from Beach Bods Gym in St. Pete Beach, Florida. In this post, we detail Lunsford’s arm workout and how he is preparing for a beach body this summer. 

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Lunsford jumped ahead of Hadi Choopan at the 2023 Olympia to win his first Men’s Open title. He became the first competitor to win a Sandow Trophy in two different divisions. Now, he has become an elite competitor in the biggest division and continues to put on size to improve his physique. Lunsford has felt good this offseason and continues to crush workouts in the gym ahead of the 2024 Olympia.

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Derek Lunsford ‘Beach Bod’ Arm Workout

This workout consisted of five exercises to build massive arms:

Preacher Curl Machine

Derek Lunsford hopped on the preacher curl machine to begin the session. Before getting started, he talked about the important of keeping training fun while keeping his eyes on the ultimate prize.

“I’ve been trying to really have fun, keep it fun. Obviously, I want to keep the title and retain the title this year but keeping it fun is what it’s really all about.”

Straight Bar Pushdowns

Lunsford moved onto straight bar pushdowns to warm up the tricep. He shared his current weight of around 260 pounds.

“I feel like I’m growing in the right places here…Close to 260. I’ve been hovering between the mid to high 250s in the morning. I’ve dipped low whenever I travel but when I come back for a couple days, I’ll rest and eat right. I don’t feel blown up.”


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Hammer Curls

Lunsford hit hammer curls next. The exact number of sets and reps were not shared but the reigning Olympia champ performed each one with great technique and consistency.

Tricep Pushdown Machine

While on the tricep pushdown machine, Lunsford spoke about something he believes is bigger than bodybuilding.

“One thing people don’t think about typically is what actual impact are you making on others? In your community or in the world in general. We can think of bodybuilding for ourselves, to glorify our physiques, or we can talk about real stuff. Like mental health, to make a real impact.”

Dumbbell Concentration Curls

Finally, the session ended with dumbbell concentration curls before he hit a post-workout meal. Derek Lunsford believes, despite being his “strongest critic,” that this offseason has been successful to this point.

“I do notice the strongest my physique has ever been and the biggest and the hardest and leanest it’s been at this weight. My weight is as high as it’s ever been while maintaining better conditioning and hardness to the muscle. I can relay that to the training. It’s been a lot better this year.”

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