Derek Lunsford Looks Massive During One-Hour, Superset Back Workout

Derek Lunsford hit a back workout full of supersets.
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Derek Lunsford crushed a back workout that consisted of four supersets.

Derek Lunsford is the reigning Olympia champion, just under two months out of his first championship in Men’s Open. It is no surprise that he is back in the gym already with his eyes on the 2024 Olympia. Recently, Lunsford shared a massive superset filled back workout.

Lunsford successfully made the jump from 212 to Men’s Open and it took just two shows to win his first title. He became the only competitor to win an Olympia title in multiple divisions. Lunsford was crowned champion in 212 before making the jump into Men’s Open for the 2022 Olympia, where he finished as the runner-up.

Lunsford jumped Hadi Choopan in November and this caused some controversy. Many thought that Choopan should have been Mr. Olympia for the second consecutive year. Following the reaction, Lunsford spoke on support that competitors need no matter what the outcome is. Regardless, there is no doubt that Derek Lunsford has one of the best physiques in the world and he continues to improve it.

Derek Lunsford wins 2023 Mr. Olympia
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Derek Lunsford Superset Back Workout 

Derek Lunsford hit the gym to go through a workout that featured four supersets, a total of eight exercises, in just one hour.

Lat Pulldowns x Cable Pullovers

The workout began with a superset of lat pulldowns and cable pullovers. Lunsford described this as a workout before moving onto other sets but made sure to focus on execution and form.

“Taking that cable from the focal point, going down to the floor almost. Your body will naturally come back because that’s the way your lats, that’s how they function. Elbow down and fist down, rather than pulling back. you will get a lot more lat activation out of it.”

Plate-Loaded Low Row x Seated Cable Row

Lunsford did not take warmups here and jumped right into working sets since he was warmed up already. The combination of rows here allowed him to focus on lower lats for one and the entire back for the other.

Derek Lunsford spoke on both movements before beginning. On plate-loaded low row:

“This is going to be a little more isolated to the lower lats…This one’s more for the hard contraction, squeezing and isolating the muscle. Two plates on each side, to be honest, is a lot more than you think, especially when you’re doing it seated.”

On seated cable row:

“This is going to be the full back. This one will be more for the stretch and opening up the muscle fibers.”


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T-Bar Rows x Chest Supported Row

Lunsford moved onto another superset full of rows and focused on hitting traps from all angles.

“Supersets on everything, not so man straight sets, some drop sets. I just wanna shock the system today. On this one, we’re gonna stay bent over a little. On the other one, it’ll be about pulling up. This one will hit the middle trap where the other will be more about the upper trap.”

Reverse Pec Deck Flye x Rope Face Pulls

The workout ended with a superset of reverse pec deck flies and rope face pulls. Derek Lunsford wanted to keep this workout to an hour and it featured 3-4 sets on each machine.

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