How The Dumbbell Hip Thrust Promotes Strength & Power

dumbbell hip thrust

A quick exercise to set-up, the dumbbell hip thrust is one to really increase your power output immensely.

We all know about the traditional hip thrust, but the dumbbell hip thrust may be an alternative often overlooked. While the main difference may be the use of a barbell as opposed to dumbbells, it is important to remember that dumbbells are more versatile and can greatly influence your gains as a result. The dumbbel hip thrust is one to put into your routine, or toss on the end as a good finisher, but either way, you get great benefits out of this exercise to promote strength and power output.

Let’s take a look at the dumbbell hip thrust and see what this exercise can do for all your gains. From what it is, to muscles worked, the many benefits associated with it, and how to properly perform it, you will be well on your way to putting an awesome exercise into your routine so you see the best gains possible.

dumbbell hip thrust

What Is The Dumbbell Hip Thrust?

The dumbbell hip thrust is a nice variation of the barbell hip thrust exercise using dumbbells for easier set-up and slightly less strain on your hips. Using dumbbells can greatly benefit you in a number of ways since these are versatile and worthwhile pieces of equipment. This exercise will work to strengthen your lower half to reduce injury and increase power for those sport specific and more functional movements as you look to optimize training and performance as best you can.

Muscles Worked

When it comes to the dumbbell hip thrust, this exercise primarily works your hamstrings, glutes, and adductors. While your hamstrings and adductors tend to get great work done, it is your glutes that really feel a burn. Your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus all will get work done as you look to build strength and provide for that more grounded and balanced feel (1). Working those muscles around your hips will offer the best in terms of stability since these tend to be a bit more vulnerable just given the amount of abuse they withstand from your workouts.

hip thrusts

Benefits Of The Dumbbell Hip Thrust

The dumbbell hip thrust exercise is one to really challenge you so you see that growth and stability you want most. While this exercise can be challenging, depending on how much weight you put on, it is simple to learn and does have good benefits for your overall training and performance, as well as physical health.

Benefits of the dumbbell hip thrust include:

  • Increase strength and size: By focusing on these muscles, you increase strength and size to enhance sport specific and more functional movements (2), while aiding in a bigger physique.
  • Decrease risk of injury: Proper form can reduce spine compression to protect against back injury, while also strengthening some often times more weaker muscles.
  • Promote power output: With the movement and the muscles worked, you give yourself a great chance at increasing your power output for those sport specific movements (3).
  • Increase awareness and helps with form: By using a bit lighter weight than a barbell, this exercise can work to raise awareness and promote better overall form.
  • Good variation: This exercise is a nice variation using dumbbells which are versatile and can be worthwhile for gains.

How To Perform It

Here are the steps for performing the dumbbell hip thrust:

  1. Set yourself up on a bench so there is some elevation. Your shoulder blades should be just above the edge of the bench.
  2. Place the dumbbell on your hips and hold them tight so they don’t collapse into you. Tighten your core and keep your body as stable as possible.
  3. When ready, drive through your feet, pushing your hips upwards.
  4. Give a good squeeze at the top and slowly return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for your desired number of reps.

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Wrap Up

The dumbbell hip thrust is a great exercise to perform to increase strength and size while also promoting a host of other benefits. Using dumbbells allows for versatility and these are great durable pieces of equipment to help you increase strength and power, especially with this exercise. A simple to learn movement, this can fit nicely into any routine so you see those gains you want most. Try the dumbbell hip thrust today and see what this can do for your strength and power output.

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