Which Foods Increase Testosterone The Most For Optimal Levels?

testosterone foods

Find out the best foods to boost those T levels.

For those us potentially suffering from low testosterone levels, or those of us looking to simply optimize our T levels, finding the right foods to increase testosterone can be a game changer. Increasing our T levels may seem easy enough, but as a vital sex hormone it is important we do it right so as to not lose out on a great opportunity. We eat so often that it makes us focus on foods that will better increase testosterone and as a normal occurrence throughout the day, sticking these meals into your routine can truly go a long way.

But we need to know what foods to eat to actually work on this increase and allow it to happen. And with other treatments and forms of therapy out there, plus the help of supplements, it would seem the bases are covered for the opportunity to really see some effective gains. It just takes knowing what to eat and how best to approach it.


Let’s take a look at the best foods to increase testosterone so you know exactly what to look for while also giving yourself the best chance at seeing real results. Between the right foods and the potential of certain supplements, like testosterone boosters, you may be able to get to where you need to be without a deficiency occurring.

testosterone foods

Why Increasing Testosterone Matters

Testosterone matters when it comes to men and their bodily functions for a number of reasons. Increasing testosterone can lead to better body composition and that desired physique, more energy throughout the day, increased bone density, enhanced sex drive, and improvement in cognitive function for better focus, memory, and more (1,2,3).

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What you will find is that your muscle development and overall strength gains will improve and that can lead to better growth overall in the gym, even as you age. Testosterone matters because it affects you and your daily functioning and without taking testosterone seriously, you will ultimately hurt your overall growth and development which can have detrimental effects on your lifestyle.

testosterone foods

Foods To Increase Testosterone The Most

Let’s take a look at some foods that work to increase testosterone the most. With the right foods on your shelf, the choice to focus your diet around these can go a long way as you look to boost T levels and give yourself the best benefits possible, both inside and out of the gym.

  • Seafood (Tuna, Oysters)

Seafood can be a helpful way to boost testosterone. Tuna is a nice meaty fish that is high in vitamin D and those fatty acids often found in fish which can be of great assistance as you look to increase those T levels (4).


Looking to oysters, this food is one to enjoy with friends at your local seafood spot. Put some sauce inside, cheers with shells, and down the oyster goes. But oysters contain zinc which is a great choice for those looking to increase those testosterone levels.

  • Leafy Green Vegetables (Spinach, Kale, Collared Greens)

Leafy green vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that will help increase testosterone. Things like vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin C are all helpful with testosterone production and with leafy green vegetables, you can’t go wrong, especially with these in your diet (5). Plus, these foods aren’t far from what you would have in your diet anyway, and as clean sources of fuel, these are most likely staples in your diet as is.

  • Nuts & Seeds (Pumpkin Seeds, Cashews, Natural Nut Butters)

Certain nuts and seeds are good to look for and pumpkin seeds are a nice option. Containing fat, magnesium, and zinc, among other nutrients, all of these are great for increasing testosterone and promoting other important bodily functions. Same goes for nut butters but ideally these would be all natural nut butters.

  • Others (Coffee, Ginger)

Coffee is something we all drink and this has interesting findings around it. Coffee and its caffeine content can work well when it comes to increasing energy and focus and keeping us alert. For testosterone, it may have nice boosting effects (6).

Ginger also has nice testosterone boosting effects and is good for increasing nitric oxide production and blood flow. It may also help with male fertility, but it looks like further research would be great to see.

testosterone foods

How Testosterone Boosters Can Help

Testosterone boosters are great aids when it comes to increasing those testosterone levels, especially if the company is reputable and a trusted source. What you will find with testosterone boosters are an increase in those T levels that can affect energy, sex drive, cognitive function, body composition, and a host of other bodily functions vital to your success. With testosterone boosters, these have the potential to work for you in a helpful way if they have clean ingredients that are also well-researched and at the very least, effective to a certain capacity.

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Wrap Up

Increasing your testosterone levels can be tricky but finding and knowing the right foods to do so can go a long way. With help from certain foods, like those listed above, and certain supplements, like testosterone boosters, it is possible to see the results you want most while optimizing those hormone levels. Plus, you won’t suffer a deficiency to hurt your overall gains.

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