George Farah compares himself to bodybuilding coach Hany Rambod and evaluates the differences in their approach

The second episode of the limited series, A Conversation With George Farah continues to delve deep into the world of bodybuilding through the eyes of one of its most respected coaches. George Farah offers candid insights on various topics, from his views on fellow coaches to his perspective on the latest competitions. In the episode’s highlight, George Farah speaks candidly on his relationship with Hany Rambod. Does he see it as a rivalry?

George Farah has always been a bodybuilding coach that speaks his mind – giving a straight answer where others may dodge, zig, or zag. It’s led to a few confrontations between fellow coaches in the past. But Farah often focuses on the power of positivity and love – ultimately trumping any issues that arise from time to time.

This week, George Farah dives into a few of those altercations – while speaking candidly about the current era of bodybuilding ranging from perceived politics in the sport as well as predictions for who can possibly take the 2024 Mr. Olympia crown. Let’s dive in.


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George Farah on Hany Rambod and Coaching Success

Views on Hany Rambod

When asked about Hany Rambod, his success, and whether he views him as competition, George Farah’s response is both respectful and insightful. Farah states that he does not see Rambod as competition and always maintains a pleasant demeanor whenever they meet. He believes that a coach’s success is partly due to luck, emphasizing that while a coach can guide an athlete, the ultimate success depends on the athlete’s genetics, their dedication, and the competitive landscape.

Farah acknowledges Rambod’s talent, particularly his keen eye for identifying potential champions. He respects Rambod’s ability to foresee future success in his athletes. However, Farah also shares a candid moment from their interactions, recounting an incident where he snapped at Rambod for a heckling comment about athlete conditioning. Despite this, Farah later apologized, showcasing his professionalism and respect for fellow coaches.

Farah’s Approach to Coaching

Farah reveals his passion for discovering and developing relatively unknown athletes. He takes pride in the challenge and joy of training such individuals, highlighting Andrew Jacked as an example. Farah discovered Jacked, an athlete who was relatively unknown, and guided him to significant success. This approach reflects Farah’s love for the coaching process itself, rather than the recognition it brings.

“I love a challenge…Hany plays his cards right.”

– George Farah

Respect for Fellow Coaches

When asked which coach he respects the most, Farah is unequivocal in his admiration for Chris Aceto. While he holds all coaches in high regard, Aceto stands out to him. This respect underscores the camaraderie and mutual admiration among top bodybuilding coaches.

Insights on Hadi Choopan and Mr. Olympia Politics

Hadi Choopan’s Olympia Win

Vlad Yudin broaches the topic of Hadi Choopan’s Olympia victory and its implications for perceived insider politics in bodybuilding competitions. Farah welcomes the question, expressing his belief that the Manions, who are influential in the bodybuilding world, do not exhibit bias based on an athlete’s background. He recounts reassuring a client from Afghanistan that their origins would not impact their chances in competitions.

Following two victories from the Egyptian bodybuilder Big Ramy, George Farah sees Hadi Choopan’s win as definitive proof that merit and performance are what truly matter. He further asserts that if Choopan returns with the same level of conditioning he showcased at the Arnold Classic, he is a strong contender to win the Mr. Olympia again.

2023 Olympia and Hadi’s Performance

Reflecting on the previous year’s Olympia, George Farah initially thought Hadi Choopan was on track to win after the prejudging. However, upon seeing Derek Lunsford on the final night, he realized that Choopan would lose. This insight underscores the unpredictable nature of bodybuilding competitions, where even small changes can significantly impact the outcome.

As Farah earlier stated, he still believes that Hadi Choopan is a threat to retake the Mr. Olympia title. But if Derek Lunsford shows further improvements from what we’ve already seen – it will be a epic battle for first place.

The Future of Nick Walker

Vlad Yudin’s final question revolves around the potential for Nick Walker to win the Olympia in the coming years. Farah responds with a thoughtful analysis, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of bodybuilding. He recalls how Brandon Curry’s Olympia win was unexpected by many, yet he succeeded, bolstered by Farah’s belief in him.

George Farah points out that while Nick Walker has a “freaky” physique that is favored by judges and fans, there are still small areas for improvement. He notes the current competitive roster of bodybuilders, highlighting that the field is highly competitive and that a lot can change from year to year. With no repeat Olympia champion in recent years, Farah suggests that anything is possible, keeping the door open for Walker’s potential future victory.

Wrap Up

Episode two of A Conversation With George Farah offers deep insights into the mind of a seasoned bodybuilding coach. George Farah’s perspectives on his peers, the nuances of competition, and his experiences with top athletes provide invaluable knowledge for enthusiasts and aspiring bodybuilders alike. His candid reflections and stories not only illuminate the complexities of coaching at the highest level but also showcase the dedication and passion required to succeed in the world of bodybuilding.

As the series continues, viewers can look forward to more thought-provoking discussions and expert analysis from George Farah, guided by Vlad Yudin’s adept interviewing. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone passionate about bodybuilding and the intricate dynamics of the sport.

You can watch the full episode above. And make sure to check back every week for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network!

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