Guide To Hydration: Benefits, Importance Of It & More


Get the information you need on hydration to optimize health and performance.

We constantly talk about hydration and you might be tired of hearing and reading about it. But there’s a reason it’s all we talk about. It is so important. Like, incredibly important. As athletes constantly pushing our bodies to the next level, staying hydrated is something to absolutely keep in mind. And as we get closer and closer into these warmer months, we need to know that keeping up with your hydration can go a long way to not only aid in performance, but also our overall wellbeing.

Staying hydrated feels like a redundant issue because we all drink water. But the question isn’t if you drink water, it’s how much. How much water you drink is what we are aiming to tackle here because everyone is different and everyone responds differently, but having the right gauge of what to drink goes a long way as you seek the best for your gains.


Let’s jump into hydration and see what exactly is the point. From why it matters, to the benefits of it, we’ll also offer up some great ways to stay hydrated and share with you one of our favorite products that will ensure you stay as hydrated as possible.


Why Hydration Is Important

Hydration matters because our bodies need water to function. Water is essential when it comes to transporting nutrients, maintaining a healthy blood volume, ensuring better circulation, and a host of other bodily functions that we need to be aware of to thrive. Without maintaining the right level of hydration, we may start to see a negative impact on our lifestyle that we certainly don’t want or need.

Think of a time you may have felt dehydrated. Remember how poorly you felt. That sluggish feeling, no energy, headache. Why put yourself through that again? Hydration matters for our training and performance, yes, but when it comes to our health and overall lifestyle, it matters even more. And with a better lifestyle, this translates into better workouts anyway.

To bring this back to athletes, we constantly use energy and valuable stores to perform. We need water to see results, whether that be in the gym, on stage, or in our respective playing field. Without optimal hydration, we put ourselves at a disadvantage and that doesn’t make much sense. You take your training seriously, you take your diet seriously, so take the other factors of your routine and treat them equally if not more seriously for real results.

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How Much Water Should You Drink?

The big question is, how much water should you drink per day? The National Academy of Medicine recommends that adult men should be drinking around 3,700mL per day while adult women should drink around 2,700mL (1). This translates into roughly 15 cups a day for men, and 11 cups for women.


It should be said this is for those who consume an average diet and are active at a moderate level. While hydration is different for everyone, it is important to realize that everyone is different and reacts differently so knowing your limit and what is required is very important.


Best Ways To Stay Hydrated

Knowing some of the best ways to stay hydrated is important because this can easily prevent dehydration and allow you safe and healthy ways to be active while also putting a priority on hydration.

One key thing to start is to constantly be drinking. This doesn’t mean chugging bottle after bottle, but consistently drinking lightly throughout the day will always keep you hydrated so you don’t wait until it’s too late. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy drinking loads of plain water, look to flavor it with fruits and vegetables, or any of the number of products available to you.

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The last way to stay hydrated is to realize the signs of what dehydration looks like. A drowsy, lousy feeling, possible headache, and a real desire drink are some of the more mild symptoms of dehydration but prolonged, and this can become a bit more severe. Talking with a medical expert on this matter is advised for they will know how to properly treat more serious signs of dehydration.


Featured Hydration Product

We wanted to share with you our favorite hydration product because we know how challenging it can be to find a great bottle. With a market full of them, they may all seem the same. But certain companies like Ice Shaker have separated themselves from the pack and are producing high quality shaker bottles that will work to optimize your nutrition goals with no problem.

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A BPA-free leak proof top is easy to open and seals well for no mess, while also being easy to clean. A bonus is the mixability, for a removable agitator is easy to clean after it blends whatever powder or shake you decide to put with your shaker bottle.

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Wrap Up

Hydration matters and is very important as we look to optimize our overall health and performance. Knowing how best to tackle hydration can give you the edge when it comes to effective growth and success with your goals. Don’t neglect hydration and as the weather gets warmer, put a real emphasis on this because it matters greatly. Try our favorite product above and you will want to drink all the time. Plus, you will love the way you feel.

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