The Ins and Outs Of Protein Powder For Beginners

pea protein vs. whey protein

Protein powder is an incredible supplement that beginners need to know about.

We as experienced lifters may have an entire supplement shelf stacked with our favorites, but for those of us beginners who may not entirely know what to look for, start with protein powder. What these supplements can do are work wonders for your gains and allow you to thrive both inside and out of the gym.

As a beginner, you are still learning the ropes, and that is totally cool, but now it’s time to dive in and see what is out there to take your training to the next level. By putting an emphasis on protein and knowing just what protein can do for you, you will better set yourself up to see the best gains possible.

Let’s take a look at protein powder so you as a beginner know exactly what to do when it comes to building muscle and enhancing recovery. With the right approach as a beginner to all things protein powder, you will better set yourself up for the best gains possible.


What Is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is a supplement derived from either whey (dairy) or a plant-based form (brown rice, pea, etc.) used to increase muscle growth, enhance recovery, and aid in those weight loss efforts.

Since protein is the building block of all muscle, by putting this into your routine, what you will find is a great supplement able to tackle all of those lifting and recovery wants and needs (1).

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A highly effective and safe supplement, a protein powder is exactly what you need to see the best gains possible, and as a beginner, the right powder on your shelf can make all the difference. It just takes knowing the ins and out of what a good powder can do for your gains.

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Benefits Of Protein Powder

The benefits of a protein powder are hard to ignore and it would be a disservice to do so. With the right supplement on your shelf, you will see the best gains in no time with no hassle or stress to you, your wallet, or your gains.

Benefits of protein powder include:

  • Great source of protein: Protein powders are packed with protein to give you that extra boost and serve as simple and convenient ways to get protein. This is with either a whey protein or a plant-based protein.
  • Serious muscle growth: Since protein is essential for muscle growth, having a powder that works to build muscle and enhance your gains is important as you look to build that shredded physique (2).
  • Enhanced recovery: Protein not only enhances growth but can help repair those damaged muscles. With a top tier protein powder, your recovery goals are right around the corner (3).
  • Help keep you full: These can help keep you full since protein does a great job with that. It will eliminate your desire to snack and help curb hunger by pumping you with other nutrients.
  • Aid in weight loss: By keeping you more full and curbing hunger, it will help with weight loss and enhance all those goals so you see that desired physique unfold. This can also help with your body composition as well (4).

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The Ins and Outs of Protein Powder For Beginners

Let’s get into some of the finer details and potential questions a beginner would have on protein powders as they look to progress further into their training and recovery process.

  • Why Protein Powder Matters

Protein powder matters because it is a convenient way to get protein immediately after a workout. Those grueling workouts exhaust us but with the right approach to training, all of our gains will be covered in no time and protein powder can fix that. For those on-the-go needs, like heading home from the gym, a protein powder is something that you will absolutely love to have for what it can do for gains.

  • What To Look For

There are a few key factors to look for. The first is whether you want whey or plant-based powder. For those following certain diets, or who are sensitive to dairy, a plant-based powder is a perfectly fine option for your protein powder.

Also look for reputability and honesty in the company. With a saturated market, some companies may be out there looking to make a quick buck but there are plenty who pride themselves on the honesty and transparency of their product which can seriously increase growth.

Of course, look for price. These supplements can start to get expensive but looking to price and how many servings you get is important as you look to build that muscle and enhance recovery all while having it be affordable.

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  • Is It Safe?

Protein powder is a safe supplement to take but it is always best to read the label and consult a doctor is you have questions. A widely studied supplement, there is plenty of scientific backing to give you the option to read up on the safety, effectiveness, and overall ability of what protein powder can do.

  • When Should I Take It?

The best time to take a protein powder is right after a workout. You’ve depleted your body and now its time to pump those nutrients back in to see the best growth, recovery, and weight loss efforts. Somewhere in the ball park of 15-60 minutes after your workout is good.

  • Is It Worth It?

Overall, yes, protein powder is worth it. It is healthy, safe, effective, and can work wonders for your overall training and performance goals, as well as health and wellness. The right powder is exactly what you need to see the best gains possible.

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Wrap Up

Protein powder has the ability to help us greatly and with the right approach, all you need to do is find the right one and enjoy. Able to pump us with protein and enhance muscle growth, recovery, and weight loss, beginners will find this to more than helpful as they embark on their fitness journey today.

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