Joey Swoll Defends Man Being Confronted For Performing Handstands In The Gym

Toxic Gym Culture

Joey Swoll continues to speak out against toxic gym culture that can hurt others.

Joey Swoll has been on a mission to speak out and defend those who are being impacted by toxic gym culture. This can be women who are being leered at while working out or men having comments thrown at them depending on how much weight they can lift. In a recent video, Swoll defends a man who is practicing his handstands during his time at the gym.

In the video, the gym-goer is seen, via TikTok, performing a handstand on the turf area of the gym. A man walks by and makes comments about how he should be doing this at home and not in the gym.

“Sometimes people are just miserable, and they want to ruin someone else’s day.” Joey Swoll said.

This is a perfect example of what Swoll has discussed in the past. The video has gone viral and is nearing two million likes.

Joey Swoll Speaks On Rude Comments By Gym-Goer

Joey Swoll begins his videos by showing the original incident before sliding in and giving his opinion. This time, he saw nothing wrong with what the man was doing by performing handstands.

“He did nothing wrong. To not let it absorb him and to not let it affect his love or passion for the gym or his contest. I’ll tell you what’s pretty cool, to see so many people like and comment on that video, supporting him shows that gym culture is changing and you all are the reason why. Thank you. Keep doing it.”

The man in the video was seen minding his own business while working out and this is the point that Swoll has made many times. There are incidents where it is not necessary to comment or make someone feel bad for nothing.

“You know, this is really sad to see, not just at the gym, but everywhere. For someone to treat someone or speak to someone like this, completely uncalled for. I immediately reached out to Alex, the young man in the video, and I just let him know: hurt people, hurt people.”

Joey Swoll took the time to reach out to this TikTok user following his video. Gyms are public spaces and many interactions like this can happen when people do not mind their own business and involve themselves with others. Swoll has been a voice of reason recently sharing videos to explain what should be happening in a public space, such as the gym.

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