Joey Swoll Tells Shirtless Man To Respect Gym Rules: “If You Can’t, Stay Home”

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Joey Swoll continues to preach proper gym etiquette.

Bodybuilder Joey Swoll continues to call for proper gym etiquette and has done so in different ways over the last two years. Recently, Swoll has set his sights on those who film in the gym and do so in a disrespectful manner. This time, he called out a man who removed his shirt and did not care about the rules of the gym.

Over the years, Swoll has spoken out against “toxic gym culture.” He has built a successful social media platform where he is able to give a voice to those who do not have the same following. In these videos, Swoll has defended those who have been falsely accused of inappropriate behavior or those embarrassed in any way.

Swoll has changed his tone recently and is showing off videos of gym goers who film in a disrespectful way. He wants athletes to remember others when filming and if they can’t do that then they “shouldn’t film at all.

Swoll continues to preach his message and used a video of a man who kept removing his shirt while on the treadmill.

Joey Swoll: “If You Can’t Respect The Rules Of The Gym, Stay Home”

The video begins with a man walking shirtless on the treadmill when a staff member walks over and asks him to put his shirt back on. The man in the video claims that it is because others are feeling “insecure” but that is not the case according to Joey Swoll.

“You know, I’m not the best lip reader but I’ll bet that she didn’t tell you to put your shirt on because you make other people feel insecure. There’s literally nobody even looking at you in this video. She told you to put your shirt on because those are the rules of the gym. Everybody has to wear a shirt, including you.”


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Swoll continues to explain how the employee was kind when requesting the man to put his shirt back on and that gym goers need to respect the rules.

“She’s very nice about it. She’s respectful. She tells you, she smiles, and she walks away. And what do you do? You take your shirt off anyway. You act like you’re better than everybody else just to make this video so you can get some likes and attention on social media. Really?

I’m sorry. You don’t own the gym. If you can’t respect staff, if you can’t respect the rules of the gym, stay home or build your own. Until then, you need to do better. Mind your own business.”

Joey Swoll has discussed different ways to respect the gym in terms of filming. This time, it was about respecting staff and the rules that the gym enforces. If you cannot, Swoll will have a voice using his platform for those who might not have the same option.

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