2023 Men’s 212 Olympia Champion Keone Pearson Full Interview | Lockdown Prep, Genetic Phenom Claims, & More!

Watch the full uncut GI Exclusive interview with the 2023 Men’s 212 Champion, Keone Pearson.

Keone Pearson’s first competition was in 2017. Years later and he’s been dubbed a genetic phenom and future of the Men’s 212 Olympia division. During his early years, Keone also had the distinction of being trained briefly by Flex Wheeler. He became an “it” competitor and all eyes were on every move he made.

Generation Iron was able to connect with Keone Pearson to talk about his rising star status among other topics about his training, nutrition, and future plans in the Men’s 212 division. With his recent win – we decided to now release the full uncut interview.

Over the past year we’ve released multiple GI Exclusive segments from our interview with George Peterson. This uncut full length interview including topics such as his early status as a genetic phenom, the pressures that come with it, and how he trained during the uncertainty of the lockdown in 2020 and other topics.

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On The Pressures Of Being Dubbed A Genetic Phenom

Keone Pearson details what it was like to suddenly be a name in headlines across the web. It certainly made him nervous. It also threatened to distract his focus away from the most important thing – training his physique to perfection so he can live up to the hype.

Ultimately, he received some good advice from his coach at the time. He was told to simply avoid social media and the web. Don’t look at the comments or the posts. Just do what you need to do quick for your sponsors…  then put your head down and get back to training.

This helped Keone block out the stress and anxiety and focus on competing. With each passing year and each competition under his belt, Keone becomes more experienced. Perhaps soon he will become no longer a promising young phenom and instead a proven champion.

So far his fondest moment has been winning the New York Pro. It’s his proudest accomplishment to stand tall on Steve Weinberger’s very own stage. Now poised to compete in the Men’s 212 division – perhaps he will make a new greater memory in the form of a major win. Only time will tell – but Keone hopes to prove himself worthy of the prodigy title bestowed upon him.

Keone Pearson Details His 2020 Lockdown Training

In an interesting window into the past of the pandemic, we spoke with Keone Pearson about the lockdowns that spread across the country mid-2020. At the time, we were only a few weeks into the lockdwon. It’s an interesting look into how Pearson was planning to keep his body in pro shape despite gyms closing.

Keone Pearson discusses how, initially, the lockdowns provided a good break for recovery. He makes mention of the legendary Flex Wheeler and how he would typically take 2-3 weeks off after a big show. This kind of mental and physical recovery is what Keone was looking for. By being forced upon him – it allowed him to bring himself to a reset.

Of course, the lockdowns and pandemic have lasted much longer than a few weeks. Luckily, gym openings did eventually return. And it seems like his reset break helped. He won the Chicago Pro 2021. Keone Pearson has long been seen as a future champion in the sport. This win further builds that hype. We can’t wait to see what he has in store after a more traditional year when this pandemic is behind us.

Wrap Up

Keone Pearson is a powerhouse bodybuilder who is also open to going in-depth on some of the most vital topics in bodybuilding. That’s why you should check out the full GI Exclusive interview above! He shares his personal experience and tips for training, nutrition, and more.

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