Steve Weinberger highlights some of the most promising young bodybuilders who could do real damage at the Olympia in the future.

The passing of the guard is inevitable in any sport. In many ways we are in the middle of a change right now. We are now on our third year of a new Olympia champion and many believe Big Ramy could be the next consistent reigning champ. That’s a far cry from earlier last decade when Phil Heath was a shoe-in to win every single year. But who will be the future champions looking ahead 10 years from now? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, IFBB Head Judge Steve Weinberger shares his thoughts on the most promising young bodybuilders in the sport.

Steve Weinberger has been head judge in the IFBB for quite a long time. He’s seen various eras of athletes and a wide variety of Olympia champions. This makes him well suited to look towards the future. Who does he speculate will be the superstars of the next bodybuilding era?

Steve Weinberger sees a bright future for the sport with many young athletes showcasing promise. During our video interview with Weinberger, we asked him to name some of the athletes he looks forward to developing and growing into the future. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that they will become stars. But if they train right and foster their talent, they have the key elements to make for a star or even an Olympia champion.

Regan Grimes is a name that gets brought up first. Steve Weinberger believes he has a ton of potential but needs to put on more size and muscle. While Grimes isn’t necessarily a rookie, he’s been bouncing between divisions looking for a perfect fit. Weinberger believes that he still has a big future ahead of him if he could focus and start developing more consistently.

Steve Weinberger also sees a bright future for Hunter Labrada. This is no surprise as he was a competitor much hyped throughout the year. At the end of the day, he’s still a young competitor who needs time to develop muscle maturity. If he stays on the current path he’s on, Weinberger has no doubt that he’ll become a star competitor.

The last name Weinberger mentions, albeit briefly, is Patrick Moore. Moore has been a consistently hyped bodybuilder throughout the past few years. Though he did not compete in the Olympia 2020, he placed 4th and 6th at the California Pro and New York Pro respectively. He also placed 10th at the Arnold Classic 2020.

As much as we looked forward with Steve Weinberger, we also looked towards the past. He reflected on Dexter Jackson’s retirement briefly here. He admits that the passing of the guard is inevitable. That being said, Dexter Jackson accomplished incredible feats throughout his entire career. His consistency for so long makes him truly one of the greats in bodybuilding.

You can watch Steve Weinberger’s comments in full by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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