PNBA Athlete Marc Cheatham Names the 2 Ways to Get Abs

Marc Cheatham tips for getting abs

PNBA natural bodybuilder Marc Cheatham shares how to get abs. 

Abs are a muscle many men aspire to see. However, since men tend to store the most body fat around their midsections, getting abs is hard. In addition, you have to have low body fat levels to see them. As the adage goes, “abs are made in the kitchen.” Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Marc Cheatham suggested two ways to get abs and supports the importance nutrition plays in getting abs. 

After a standout International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) PNBA natural bodybuilding season in 2021, Marc Cheatham has a multi-media contract with Generation Iron, the INBA PNBA, and Iron Man Magazine. In a recent social media post, Cheatham said:

“When it comes to improving your core and getting abs, first thing first you need to get your nutrition in order

Once you got your nutrition on point now we need to train those abs

Your abs are a muscle just like any other muscle on your body. 

In order for muscle to develop we need to put it under stress or resistance 

So to really get your abs popping you need to include weighted Ab exercises in your routine”

How to Get a Shredded Core 

According to Marc Cheatham, nutrition is the first thing you should focus on to get abdominals. Of course, it doesn’t matter how many calories you burn or how many ab exercises you do if your nutrition isn’t on point. You must be in a caloric deficit and eat ample protein to see fat loss around your gut

Secondly, Cheatham says you should train your abdominals like any other muscle. If you want your muscle to grow, you need to put them under stress through resistance training–the same goes for your abdominal muscles. 

Many people think you should be doing endless crunches to get abdominals. And although this will strengthen your core, it won’t make your abs show without proper nutrition. So basically, your diet will make your abdominals visible, but your exercises will make your abs bigger and stronger. 

Moreover, you’ll want to be between 10-15% body fat if you want to see visible outlines of your upper abdominals. However, you’ll need sub-10 % body fat for your abdominals to pop out.

Below is one of Marc Cheatham’s favorite weighted ab circuits he recommends trying. (A dumbbell or plate is needed.)

4 Rounds 

  • Single Leg Knee Tuck: x 30 seconds 
  • Knee Tuck (Both Legs): x 30 seconds
  • Toe Touches: x 30 seconds 
  • Russian Twists: x 30 seconds 
  • Russian Twist W/ Press: x 30 seconds

Cheatham says to rest for 1 minute between rounds. 

Final Word

Getting visible abs requires discipline and dedication. Men need to have low body fat levels for them to be seen. First, it starts with proper nutrition. No amount of exercise will ever outshine a bad diet. Secondly, you should train your abdominals like any other muscle group and perform weighted ab exercises. 

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