This mass gainer could be the key to a good bulk

Bulking up is a period of time where someone consumes more calories, with the intent to add more muscle mass and strength. Sometimes it gets to the point where you are force feeding yourself, which is unpleasant, and a reason that many people will use mass gainers. Mass gainers are supplements almost like protein powders, that are designed to help people hit their macros in a delicious shake, rather than an entire meal. The problem is, many times mass gainers are filled with junk ingredients and blends that will make you fat. However, with MUTANT MASS, this is not the case.

Let’s take a look at mass gainers as a whole, as well as deep dive into MUTANT MASS.

What is a Mass Gainer?

A mass gainer is a supplement that can be thrown right into a shaker cup for you to consume and put on some pounds. Unlike a protein shake, it does not focus only on protein, but instead has a significant amount of carbohydrates and fat as well. The reason people use these supplements is to put on weight, primarily aiming to put on muscle mass by increasing caloric intake and promoting a healthy weight gain.

The one thing worth noting is that a lot of these mass gainers contain a large amount of junk ingredients, like sugar and blends that you cannot even pronounce. So, when shopping around for these, you should look for something that has a clear label, and quality ingredients.


ENHANCED GAINER SUPPLEMENT. Mutant’s most popular weight gainer supplement that is packed with BCAAs/EAAs and waxy maize to help with growth and bulking.

MUTANT is a supplement company that has a great track record when it comes to putting out quality, research-backed products, covering everything from creatine to amino acids. MUTANT is a company that never has any shortcomings when it comes to delivering a solid product that yields good results, and MUTANT MASS is no exception.

MUTANT MASS is designed specifically for bodybuilders, strength athletes, or just regular gym goers that are looking to put on some weight, but not get overly fat. MUTANT MASS is now being seen by athletes around the world, as it is available in over 80 countries, and growing. Drinking one shake right after your workout, or in between meals, or pretty much whenever you are looking to get some macros in, for the best results. 

When you have a quality training and diet protocol in place, combined with MUTANT MASS, you can expect some great results.

Let’s break it down.

Ingredients and Macros


So what exactly will you be consuming with MUTANT MASS? It sits at 1,100 calories for 4 scoops, but can also be broken down into 2 scoops (single serving). As far as what is within each scoop, it is all whole foods. These foods include barley, sweet potato, rolled oats, avocado, coconut oil, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, and sunflower oil.

As far as the sources of protein, there are a superior blend of proteins in MUTANT MASS. The blend includes whey protein concentrate, casein, and milk proteins, all of which contain lactose. That being said, if you are lactose intolerant, or vegan, this is unfortunately not the product for you.

When it comes to the macronutrients MUTANT MASS, based on a 4 scoop serving (double serving), there are 56 grams of protein, 192 grams of clean carbs, and 12 grams of fat. They also pack in 26.1 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs) and 12.2 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). 

There are also essential fatty acids in MUTANT MASS, and natural oils that come from coconut, avocado, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, and sunflower. All of this is engineered in MUTANT’s state of the art manufacturing facility to maintain the gold-standard and gourmet taste.


Now, all of these whole foods together might sound like it is disgusting, but MUTANT has some great flavors. Right now the 6 available flavors are: Triple Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Banana, Coconut Cream, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Another benefit of MUTANT MASS is that it mixes very well. Many other supplements of this nature are hard to mix, and can come out clumpy and hard to swallow. That being said, MUTANT MASS mixes smoothly, with your beverage of choice, and we can vouch for that, having tried it with water and with milk. 


MUTANT MASS is a quality product, and with that being said it is a premium priced option. Most mass gainers are on the higher side when it comes to pricing, as they are packed with a lot of macros. You are essentially getting a full meal with each serving. 

MUTANT MASS comes in a 5lb bag, which holds right around 16 servings, if you follow the single serving protocol (2 scoops). On MUTANT’s site, it is $44.99 for each bag, and that comes to about $2.80 per serving, again if you are following the single serving protocol. When you think about it, $2.80 for a full meal. 

Another thing is, it is coming from a very reputable company, so you know you are getting some top of the line!


If you have never used MUTANT MASS before, it is recommended that you consume 2 scoops at a time, mixed with 2 cups of cold water or milk (if you would like the extra calories). This is a good way to assess your tolerance to the mass gainer, which can sometimes cause stomach discomfort. This is because there are a lot of calories in each serving, and digestion is something that can be disrupted. 

One added bonus of MUTANT MASS is that there are digestive enzymes, as well as pre and probiotics, which all help to ensure that you break down and absorb every last nutrient. They also help to boost your overall gut health. This is an aspect that you do not see in many other products of this nature, making MUTANT MASS stand out even more. 

Our Verdict on MUTANT MASS

When it comes to a Generation Iron review, no review is complete without our verdict. MUTANT MASS was one of our favorite mass gainers that we have tried, for a variety of reasons. For starters, it tastes great, mixes well and goes down smooth. Another reason is we were able to put on a few pounds, without getting too fat. Check it out:

160 lbs (Left) vs. 185 lbs (Right)

These photos were taken after 3 months of using MUTANT MASS combined with intense training and a good diet!

Wrap Up

Overall, mass gainers are products that can really help with putting on quality mass during a bulking phase. However, you need to be wary of what is in them, as a lot of mass gainers contain junk ingredients that can put on a little bit of excess body fat. MUTANT MASS is a product that stands out with its ingredient list. 

Will you be giving it a try?

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This mass gainer could be the key to a good bulk Bulking up is a period of time where someone consumes more calories, with the intent to add more muscle mass and strength. Sometimes it gets to the point where you are force feeding yourself,...mutant-mass-review