PNBA Chris Moore’s 5-Year Natural Bodybuilding Transformation at Age 50+

Chris Moore natural bodybuilding transformation
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PNBA athlete Chris Moore shares a 5-year natural bodybuilding transformation he achieved in his 50s ahead of Natural Universe. 

As we age, our body starts to deteriorate, and we’re not as fit and strong as we used to be. However, with the proper training and nutrition approach, you can mitigate the effects of aging, such as muscle atrophy, and be in fantastic shape most of your life. Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Chris Moore is a good example. Chris Moore recently shared a five-year natural bodybuilding transformation. Moore stated:

“Transformation Tuesday. 5 years of hard work at 50 plus years of age. Age is just a number and excuses are just that, excuses. Adapt and overcome!”

You can see Chris Moore’s transformation photo below. 


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Chris Moore competes in the Pro Grand Masters 50+ division, and his next show is INBA PNBA Pro/Am Natural Universe this weekend. Although Moore’s has had an aspiring natural bodybuilding transformation over the last five years, this weekend’s Pro Grand Masterers lineup will be competitive. It’s stacked with elite athletes, including 4x Natural Olympia champion Philip Ricardo Jr., tattoo champion and extremely passionate competitor Ken Ross, and vegan and animal rights activist Michael Ferencsik

Training for Longevity 

Natural bodybuilders who abide by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) drug testing guidelines and stay natural can have a long career and remain in fantastic shape for decades. For example, Chad Martin has been competing in this league for over 20 years and still competes at an elite level. Although Martin acknowledges that we have an anabolic window, we’re building muscle, and losing body fat is more manageable. But he’s one of many athletes who have shown that natural bodybuilding is a fountain of youth

Each competitor has its strategy for longevity. For example, Michael Ferencsik and Tamer Barakat praise being vegan for helping them stay youthful and build their physiques. And other athletes keep their training volume lower to allow for more recovery time. Furthermore, natural bodybuilders will take time off from competing and go through more extended bulking periods to give their body’s a break from contest prep. So natural athletes do many things to keep their bodies healthy. But above all, they stray away from using drugs to enhance their physiques

Natural Universe and Natural Olympia 

Natural Universe takes place on September 3rd, 2022, in Tampa, FL–first time a big natural bodybuilding show will be held here. Over 30 pro athletes are competing this year for a chance to earn prizes, PNBA Elite World Tour Points, and social media exposure. It’s one of the more significant INBA PNBA shows and qualifies athletes for Natural Olympiathe most significant natural bodybuilding show.

Its importance in natural bodybuilding is comparable to the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro league’s biggest show, Olympia. Those who compete at Natural Universe will join the athletes already pre-qualified for Natural Olympia. 

The first Natural Olympia was held in 1998, with John Hansen crowned champion. Fast forward over two decades; it’s now Paul Krueger, who’s the Men’s Bodybuilding reigning champion. 

Who will win the 2022 Natural Olympia? 

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