Nick Walker Hits 200-Pound Incline Dumbbell Press For An Insane 10 Reps During Training

Incline Bench Press

Nick Walker continues to prepare for the Olympia by crushing his training sessions.

Nick Walker has been one of the fastest-rising bodybuilders over the course of his career. He went from rookie to one of the best in the world in a short period of time. Now, after a fifth-place finish at the 2021 Olympia, Walker has put all of his attention into preparing for the 2022 Mr Olympia this December in Las Vegas, Nevada. This includes completing some massive lifts during training sessions.

Walker burst onto the scene by winning the 2021 New York Pro followed by the Arnold Classic. This came all within a year of earning his Pro Card to compete against some of the best talent around. Walker earned fifth place in his first Olympia but was not satisfied with his performance. This led to Walker deciding to forgo the 2022 Arnold Classic and put all of his effort into the biggest show of the year.

On Monday, Walker shared a clip during his latest chest day crushing 10 reps of 200-pound incline dumbbell presses.

Nick Walker Fifth Place Olympia

Nick Walker Provides Update On Training

Nick Walker has been active on his social media platforms, giving viewers insight on his workouts and diets being used leading up to the show. Recently, he shared his feat of strength on the bench press.

“200db press for 10 reps. THAT FORM THOUGH

Now we working.”

Nick Walker’s prowess on the incline bench keeps improving as the summer goes on. He recently shared a video completing 10 reps using 185-pound dumbbells. Now, he was able to up the weight.

During the 2021 Olympia, Walker established himself as one of the biggest mass monsters in the world. He finished behind Hunter Labrada, Hadi Choopan, Brandon Curry, and reigning two-time champion Big Ramy. Heading into the 2022 show, there are many that would not be surprised to see Walker improve into the top three.

It is clear that Nick Walker has great dedication to bodybuilding. He has been able to make great improvements to what was already an elite physique. With a few months left of preparation, there is a great chance that Walker is able to shoot his way up the scorecard during the most important show of the year.

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