Olympia 2020 Figure Results

Olympia 2020 Figure Results

How did the Olympia 2020 Figure division play out?

The best Figure division athletes stood tall on the Mr. Olympia stage this weekend for the biggest show of the year. The women’s Figure division represents a middle ground between the thinner physiques of the Bikini division and the more muscular Women’s Physique division and Women’s Bodybuilding divisions.

With the Olympia 2020 Figure division we have yet another year of the greatest athletes battling for best bodybuilder of the year. At the end of the day, there could only be on champion and now it seems we have the answer. Who is the best Figure competitor of 2020?

Cydney Gillon went into the competition as the obvious favorite having multiple Olympia title under her belt from previous years. She held three consecutive Olympia Figure wins. But also in the lineup was former champion Latorya Watts – who would certainly fight for her return to the Olympia trophy.

The pre-judging on Friday morning saw Gillon in the lead – appearing in the first callout. And while Latorya wasn’t tracking as some fans had hoped, Nadiya Wyatt put up some pressure on the returning champion.

The Olympia 2020 Figure results have arrived. Check them out below – brought to you by Nutrabio!

Olympia 2020 Figure Results

Olympia 2020 Figure Results

1. Cydney Gillon
2. Natalia Soltero
3. Nadia Wyatt
4. Nicole Zenobia Graham
5. Latorya Watts
6. Jessica Reyes Padilla
7. An Da Jeong
8. Carly Starling-Horrell
9. Rhea Gayle
10. Anna Banks
11. Bojana Vasiljevic
12. Julia Waring
13. Ajanel Williams
14. LaToyia Farley
15. Maryam Bamdad
16. Sandra Grajales
16. Samantha Jerring
16. Asmaa Salimi
16. Martina Yabekova

Official Olympia 2020 Figure Scorecard

Olympia 2020 Figure scorecard

Olympia 2020 Figure Highlights

Figure Olympia Past Winners

  • 2019: Cydney Gillon
  • 2018: Cydney Gillon
  • 2017: Cydney Gillon
  • 2016: Latorya Watts
  • 2015: Latorya Watts
  • 2014: Nicole Wilkins
  • 2013: Nicole Wilkins
  • 2012: Erin Stern
  • 2011: Nicole Wilkins
  • 2010: Erin Stern
  • 2009: Nicole Wilkins-Lee
  • 2008: Jennifer Gates
  • 2007: Jenny Lynn
  • 2006: Jenny Lynn
  • 2005: Davana Medina
  • 2004: Davana Medina
  • 2003: Davana Medina

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