Phil Heath Speaks On Placing 3rd At Olympia 2020, Kai Greene Responds

Phil Heath shares a post on Instagram opening up about his 3rd place finish at the Olympia 2020.

After the pre-judging at the Mr. Olympia 2020 concluded – we knew it would be a close race between up to four different powerhouse competitors. But many still believed that Phil Heath had an edge over his competitors. Especially since he was known as “Mr. Saturday Night.” Heath often improved by the finals.

This ultimately didn’t happen and while fans foresaw that perhaps another competitor would win first place, it was assumed Phil Heath would at the very least land second. He ultimately placed third.

Brandon Curry’s improved physique gave him an edge up and placed him second while Big Ramy stood tall as the first place winner. Phil Heath originally returned in the hopes of tying the world record of eight Sandow trophies. He fell short.

Just one day after the loss, Phil Heath took to his Instagram to speak on his thoughts after placing third place. He reflected on the entire journey of his return and thanked the fans for supporting him.


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” I returned to @MrOlympiaLLC to challenge greatness – within the sport of bodybuilding, and most importantly, within myself,” Heath wrote.

“From day one I owned every obstacle and outcome because I knew this was a rare opportunity to dare greater.

Thank you for allowing me to find my greatness on stage once again.”

Phil Heath had previously stated during the Olympia 2020 press conference that he had regained his spark and passion for bodybuilding. He called his loss in 2018 the best thing that had ever happened to him, as it repositioned his entire perspective on the sport. It seems that even with a lower placing in 2020, he regrets nothing and was honored to go on the journey once again.

His reaction to placing third brought in an outpour of support from not only his fans but also key members and athletes within the bodybuilding community. Most notably Kai Greene, his former rival, shared a message of support in the comments:

“Never let your gifts go unrecognize [sic] and give thanks for them every day. Not everyone gets to dance in your shoes. ?? Respect Champion!”

– Kai Greene commenting on Phil Heath’s Instagram

Regardless of his placing at the Mr. Olympia 2020, Phil Heath is an Olympia legend in his own right. With seven Sandow trophies to his name, he still remains one of the most winningest Olympia champions in the history of the sport. Whatever he decides to do moving forward, his place in the legacy of bodybuilding will always remain.

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