Ukrainian Powerlifter Pranks Gym Goers By Lifting Insane Weight In Many Different Disguises

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Vladimir Shmondenko has gone viral for pranking gym goers using his insane strength.

The gym is a public setting where people go to better their own health on a daily basis. Nowadays, it has also turned into a place where gym goers create content for social media, including different workouts videos. Recently, a Ukrainian powerlifter has gone viral for pulling pranks in the gym using his insane strength.

Vladimir Shmondenko has built a following of 8.4 million followers on Instagram and multiple million on other platforms as well. He has disguised himself as a janitor and other things while going around the gym and surprising weightlifters with his feats of strength. This includes performing squats and deadlifting a large amount like it’s nothing.

On June 15, Shmondenko shared a video that has racked up over 5.5 million likes. In the video, he is dressed as a janitor and walking around with a mop and bucket. He approaches a barbell with many plates stacked on each side and moves it with ease to continue cleaning, much to the surprise of the two weightlifters.

“Because I’m professional cleaner 🌝
#anatoly #gym #prank”

Shmondenko recently teamed up with fitness star Larry Wheels during a trip to Los Angeles. The two went around together and continue the goal of pulling pranks.

“My last week in LA In few photos 🙃
#anatoly #gym #prank

Who Is Vladimir Shmondenko?

Vladimir Shmondenko has turned his passion for fitness and powerlifting into a successful career.

Hailing from a village called Krishtopovka in Ukraine, Shmondenko found a passion for fitness at a young age after watching videos of bodybuilders. He began working out and created his own make-shift gym using items he found such as bricks, tractor parts, and wood.

At 17, the powerlifter began taking his weightlifting to another level. This came after tailoring his diet around cottage cheese and oatmeal. In 2018, He won third place at the 2018 GPA World Championships in Ukraine in the Teen 18-19 category.

At 5-foot-11, Shmondenko has amazed gym goers with his effortless lifts. He goes by the name “Anatoly Powerlifter” on social media.

The work of Vladimir Shmondenko has created great entertainment due to the reactions of the unsuspecting weightlifters in the gym.

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