Rich Piana Workout: Build That Massive Physique

This weekly workout from Rich Piana is a monster and will blast your muscles to grow.

As we look to expand out workouts to create new challenges to see great growth, looking towards the pros is one great way to find inspiration. They’ve done it and are proof that these exercises, mixed with a great supplementation and dietary routine, can work. And on top of that, work wonders. While we often stick to our old ways because we find that most comfortable, it is important to expand to always learn new things and enhance our quest for big gains. Rich Piana was a giant, a testament to the gym grind and this workout of his is sure to really blast your muscles and give them a great chance to grow.

Whether it be free weights or machine work, both are capable of giving you the growth you want most. Exploring all options should be something you want to do and are willing to do in order to capitalize on all your gains. Working out and choosing which exercises to do often comes down to preference. While each exercise is unique in that it targets your muscles differently, even if just slightly, knowing the options that are out there can really enhance your workouts.

Let’s dive into this Rich Piana workout so you see some great growth and learn from one of those pros who knew how to get it done. The sport of bodybuilding can be hard, grueling even, but with the right guidance and training plan, you physique will pop in no time.

Rich Piana

About Rich Piana

Rich Piana was a bodybuilder and businessman, working on his physique to compete at the highest level while also running a vlog featuring other speakers, exercise videos, and a look into Piana’s life. His bodybuilding accomplishments were coupled with a boisterous personality making him a big name in the weightlifting community. He won Mr. Teen California in 1989 and Mr. California in 1998, among other competitions that showed off his absolutely massive physique. He would eventually run his own nutrition line called Rich Piana: 5% Nutrition, where the 5% mentality became a movement of people wanting to change their lives.


He was at the front of the steroid conversation after publicly admitting to using anabolic steroids during his bodybuilding career. Even with a determined work ethic and the will to put in hours of training, he thought it necessary for steroid use in order to compete at the highest level of the sport. Despite the controversy, he still remained a figure people sought advice, for he knew the game and he knew how to get to the next level.

Rich Piana

Rich Piana Training Routine

Here is an amazing weekly workout from Rich Piana to really fire up those muscles. Every day is a new muscle group so you have absolute focus in targeting specific spots for training, performance, and sheer size.

Monday – Chest

Exercises Sets Reps
Incline Cable Fly 3 10
Hammer Strength Incline Press 3 10
Pec Deck Flat Fly 3 8
Machine Press 3 8
Standing Cable Crossover 3 10


Tuesday – Back

Exercises Sets Reps
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3 10
Smith Machine Row 3 12
Behind-The-Neck Lat Pulldowns 3 10
Close Grip Seated Cable Row 3 10
Wide-Grip Pull-Ups 3 12
T-Bar Rows 3 8
Bent Over Cable Row 3 10
Bent Over Lat Pulldown 3 10



Wednesday – Shoulders

Exercises Sets Reps
EZ Bar Front Raise 3 12
Seated Smith Machine Overhead Press 3 10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 12
Smith Machine Upright Row 3 10
Standing Machine Shrugs 3 10
Incline Rear Delt Fly 3 10


Thursday – Legs

Exercises Sets Reps
Lying Hamstring Curls 3 10
Single Leg Hamstring Curls 3 12
Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 8
Seated Leg Extension 3 10
Leg Press 3 8
Hack Squat 3 8


Friday – Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
Skullcrushers 3 10
Barbell Curl 3 12
Single-Arm Dumbbell Extension 3 10
Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3 10


Rich Piana

Rich Piana’s Legacy

Rich Piana passed away in 2017 from health complications. Despite a controversial past when it came to steroid use and bodybuilding, Piana was by no means the only one and sought what he felt best for his career as he ascended to the top. Aside from his finishes at certain events and the boisterous personality of a big man, his company Rich Piana: 5% Nutrition sought to better the lives people around him. The motto of “5%” is meant to symbolize everyone out there doing what they love to do and how far they’re willing to go to achieve their dreams. He was a force in the fitness community. His size was something to admire and his personality was something to never forget.

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Wrap Up

This workout from Rich Piana will certainly fire up those muscles so they have to grow. A great week-long workout will give you new exercises and a new set of challenges as you seek to really see some worthwhile growth in your routine and physique. Taking notes from professional bodybuilders is a sure way to gain knowledge, but also see the changes you want to see, as they are living proof of what these workouts can do. Give this workout a try and see what it can do for you today as you grind in the gym and stay disciplined with your routines. That size you will start to see will give you something to be proud of.

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*Images courtesy of Rich Piana Instagram

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