Samson Dauda Talks Improved Back Conditioning Ahead Of Arnold Classic: “You’re Only As Good As Your Weakest Part”

Samson Dauda has made further improvements heading into the Arnold Classic.
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Samson Dauda has made improvements from the Olympia as he prepares for Columbus.

Samson Dauda is preparing to defend his title on the Arnold Classic stage in just one week. During a recent interview, he spoke on his prep and what has improved since the Olympia, where he finished in the top three.

While on stage, Dauda showed off a massive and conditioned physique that continues to improve since his victory in Columbus in 2023. Dauda defeated Nick Walker for the Arnold Classic title back in March. This put him on the radar for the Mr. Olympia title in 2023 and he ended up finishing third, behind Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan.

Dauda entered 2023 as one of the biggest bodybuilders in Men’s Open. He seemed to add more size over the last year and has been focusing on his conditioning, especially his back.

Dauda joined Fouad Abiad for a discussion ahead of the Arnold where they were able to hit on many aspects of his prep.

Samson Dauda poses with belt after his victory during the Romania Muscle Fest Pro on Sunday.
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Samson Dauda Talks Improved Back

Abiad brought up physique updates that Samson Dauda has shared over the course of his offseason and into his prep. He hit on three major aspects — round shoulders, bigger arms, and thinner skin. All three areas were targeted as improvements from the Olympia.

The question was then asked to Dauda, was his skin this thin on his back? The answer was yes.

“When we do our conditioning, I don’t ever bother looking at my front because most of the time my front is going to get conditioned way before my back does.”


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This is the area that Dauda focuses on because he knows it will be under scrutiny from judges.

“Most of the time, we focus on the back first. In our conversations we focus on ‘okay, how does your back look?’ Because that/s where your main judging point is. You’re only as good as your weakest part so we focus on that part. We know that if we can get that part in, everything else goes with it.”

Dauda is already qualified for the 2024 Olympia but vowed to defend his title in Columbus first. The competition is just under two months away and the bodybuilder continues to show off his progress. He will have a chance to compete against Hadi Choopan, who beat him during the Olympia. This will be a good judge to see how Dauda has progressed.

Overall, Samson Dauda believes there is an importance to competing post-Olympia.

“That’s one of the reasons we said we wanted to do a post-Olympia show. It wasn’t just for one thing. We knew it would give us more opportunity, not only another chance to compete but to learn how to peak my body for it. It definitely helped out a lot this prep and you can see your body change a lot because of it. You keep your body conditioned.”

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