Samson Dauda Goes Through Full Day Of Eating While Traveling To Kuwait

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Samson Dauda makes sure to keep up with his diet even during a travel day.

Samson Dauda is a contender to compete for the 2024 Olympia title this year. After finishing third in 2023, he is hoping to take the next step. Dauda shared a full day of eating during prep while traveling to Kuwait to continue his training.

In May, Dauda shared that he would be joining the legendary Oxygen Gym in Kuwait for his Olympia prep.

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Dauda showed off a massive and conditioned physique. Dauda defeated Nick Walker for the Arnold Classic titleback in March 2023. This put him on the radar for the Mr. Olympia title in 2023 and he ended up finishing third, behind Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan.

Dauda returned to the 2024 Arnold Classic and finished second to Choopan. This was the same result during the Arnold Classic UK just weeks later. He has had the chance to compete against Choopan on multiple occasions and figure out where he needs to improve.

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Samson Dauda’s Full Day Of Eating

Samson Dauda might have been on the move but he made sure to get five meals in to keep up with his diet plan.

Meal 1

Dauda began with a breakfast featuring five eggs and a shake with protein and oats. He explained how he would be flying to Kuwait for an event and Olympia training.

  • 5 whole eggs
  • 170 grams oats
  • 1 scoop protein powder

“I’m heading off this evening, flying to Kuwait. I’m going to be out there training for the Olympia.”

Meal 2

The day continued with sweet potatoes and beef steak, which is something that Dauda grills up a lot of.

  • 500 grams sweet potatoes
  • 200 grams beef steak

“I do a lot of cooking. Yes, steak and chicken. I do all that.”

Meal 3

The third meal of the day is pasta with more beef. Samson Dauda is beginning to prepare for the Olympia after jumping into the top three last year.

  • 350 grams pasta
  • 18 grams lean beef

“I’m excited…I’m excited about going but at the same time, I’m going to miss home too.”


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Meal 4

The next meal was prepped as Dauda began heading over to the airport. He ate this fourth meal of the day before boarding his flight.

  • 200 grams rice
  • 250 grams chicken breast

Meal 5

The fifth and final meal of the day was the same as the fourth.

  • 200 grams rice
  • 250 grams chicken breast

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