Samson Dauda & Hunter Labrada Headline Guest Posing Appearances Over The Weekend

Samson Dauda and Hunter Labrada guest posed over the weekend.
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Samson Dauda and Hunter Labrada hit separate guest posing appearances to show off their physiques.

The offseason is a time for bodybuilders to make improvements for the upcoming Olympia competition. If they chose to, there are plenty of chances to take the stage to guest pose at different events. This is what we saw from both Samson Dauda and Hunter Labrada over the weekend.

Samson Dauda has turned into one of the top competitors in Men’s Open. Dauda has been one of the heaviest competitors over the last year and it has worked for him. In June, Dauda appeared as a guest poser during the 2023 USA Fit Games. During this appearance, he shared that he was weighing 327 pounds.

While on stage, Dauda showed off a massive and conditioned physique that continues to improve since his victory in Columbus. Dauda defeated Nick Walker for the Arnold Classic title back in March. This put him on the radar for the Mr. Olympia title in 2023 and he ended up finishing third, behind Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan.

Dauda continued to impress on stage with back-to-back second-place finishes during the 2024 Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic UK.

He appeared as a guest poser during the NPC Invictus Cup over the weekend.


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Hunter Labrada’s Guest Posing Appearance

Hunter Labrada continues to make improvements to his physique and it has shown on stage.

In 2022, Labrada fell to seventh on the scorecard. He was victorious during the 2023 Tampa Pro before finishing as the runner-up at the Texas Pro. Labrada hit the Olympia stage once again and finished sixth in 2023. Labrada showed off his physique once again during the NPC Western Michigan Bodybuilding Championships. He looked well-conditioned on stage. This was one of the major improvements he made during the year to prepare for the 2023 Olympia.

Recently, Labrada took the stage during the 2024 NPC Jay Cutler Desert Classic.


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The 2024 Olympia expects to be yet another exciting show in Men’s Open. With the presence of Dauda and Labrada, there is multiple competitors who can compete for a title.

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