How Steve Kris Works Out For Gains With Minimal Equipment

Steve Kris

These workouts from Steve Kris are perfect for seeing gains with only dumbbells and resistance bands.

Steve Kris is an Austrian bodybuilder and personal trainer who knows exactly what it takes to see huge gains and which workouts will prove to be most effective. A great following on social media has allowed him to post his own progress while also inspiring others to do the same.

While we all know roughly what we need to do to get fit and trim down, it can be hard to put together the most effective training plan possible for ourselves. With so much going on, and our plates full with busy lives, work, and other activities, sometimes having a workout blueprint makes life just a little bit easier.

Looking to professional bodybuilders, athletes, and other experts can be a great way to gain knowledge while also working to change our physiques into something to be proud of. With the right guidance, you are well on your way to easy success inside and out of the gym.

As a personal trainer, Steve knows how to deal with those struggling to stay motivated and focused. As a bodybuilder, Steve knows exactly what it takes to stay motivated and focused. Together, Steve has become a source of inspiration and knowledge for many and these workouts are no different.

Full Name: Steve Kris

Weight Height Date Of Birth
185-195 lbs. 6’0’’ 05/20/1992
Profession Era Nationality
Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer 2010 Austrian

Steve works with higher volume to create more tension and really push his muscles to failure. While these workouts below are only with dumbbells and resistance bands, it is still possible to see great growth with minimal equipment and Steve is a prime example.

Steve Kris

About Steve Kris

Steve Kris was always athletic as a child and stood out with whatever he did. An aspiring soccer player, he was quite good and sought a professional career. But as fate would have it, an injury proved to be a set back and Steve seemed beyond defeated.

Starting to go to the gym, Steve became enthralled with lifting and was soon hooked on heavy lifting. Building an impressive physique, he turned what was a part time hobby into something full time, getting his personal training certification and looking to help others achieve their goals. He also began competing in bodybuilding competitions and wants nothing more than to win more shows and inspire others through his hard work.

Steve Kris

Steve Kris Training Routine

These workout from Steve are done with minimal equipment to show that you can in fact see great gains without the need for a full gym. Using only dumbbells and resistance bands, this still allows for time under tension and the ability to move weight, thus fatiguing your muscles and forcing them to grow. Steve typically trains 5-6 days a week and mixes in different exercises to add unique variety for engagement and fun, while also still being challenging to see the results he wants.

Working his biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest with dumbbells, and also his chest with resistance bands, Steve provides us with a great workout to boost all of our gains using almost no equipment. Many of these exercises will look familiar, as they are ones you perform all the time, but the nice variation and change of pace by using either dumbbells or resistance bands adds an extra layer to each exercise and may feel different too.

Let’s take a look at these three workouts from Steve that work your biceps and triceps, chest and shoulders, and then strictly chest.

Arms (Dumbbell Only)

Exercises Sets Reps
DB Curls 3 10
DB Kickbacks 3 12
DB Hammer 3 10
Triceps Extensions 3 10
DB Curls into Hammer Curls 3 12
Front Triceps Extension 3 10

Chest & Shoulders (Dumbbell Only)

Exercises Sets Reps
Side Raises 3 12
Front Raises 3 12
Arnold Press 3 10
Push and Press 3 10
Floor DB Press 3 8
Floor DB Flys 3 8
Floor Close Grip Press 3 10
Floor Pull Over 3 10
Seated DB Military Press 3 12
Half Side Raises 3 15

Chest (Resistance Bands)

Exercises Sets Reps
Elastic Band Chest Press 3 10
Elastic Band Flys 3 10
Elastic Band Close Grip Chest Press 3 12
Pronated Grip Triceps Extension 3 10
Kneeling Behind Head Triceps Extensions 3 12

For some great equipment, check out our list of the Best Dumbbells and Best Resistance Bands so you can mimic these workouts and see great gains!

Steve Kris

The Best Supplements For Better Growth

For seeing real results, having a proper supplementation routine is vital for continued success. While Steve uses his own supplements of choice, including something like a protein powder post-workout will work to increase growth and recovery time while also keeping you full. If you are someone who feels they need a boost pre-workout, then consider a pre-workout supplement to really maximize your training, as well as tacking on a BCAA supplement to push through fatigue and any unwanted soreness. Additionally, for a physique like Steve’s, a fat burner will shed that unwanted fat and kickstart your metabolism to continually burn calories. Whatever you decide, the right supplements will work absolute wonder for your gains.

Wrap Up

These workouts from Steve Kris require minimal equipment and will allow for real growth to take place. We often associate a full gym as the only way to build a desired physique, but as Steve proves, it is absolutely possible with only a little equipment but a real desire for change. Dumbbells and resistance bands should be staples in your routine anyway, and along with a supplementation routine, you never have to worry about losing gains again. Give this workout from Steve a try and see what it can do for all your workout needs today.

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*Images courtesy of Steve Kris Instagram

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