Stoltman Brothers Share 10,000-Calorie Diet During Prep For Arnold Strongman Classic

Meal Plan

Tom and Luke Stoltman are in the middle of their prep for the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic.

Tom Stoltman and Luke Stoltman are two of the top Strongmen in the world right now. They are both preparing to compete in the Arnold Strongman Classic come March 3-4 in Columbus, Ohio and they are in the middle of prep. This includes a combined diet of 10,000 calories to keep their strength and energy up.

Tom enters the year as the reigning two-time World’s Strongest Man champion. He will defend his title once again this year while Luke is also on the roster. He is a former Europe’s Strongest Man winner and will look to add more titles to his ledger.

The Stoltman Brothers are stars in Strongman and it is because of their massive prep in and out of the gym. During a recent YouTube video, the duo shared a full day of eating.

Meal One

The first meal for each was breakfast, where Luke Stoltman ate six eggs while Tom Stoltman had eight. Luke explained that the diets were not the same over the course of the day but they both totaled around 10,000 calories.

  • Eggs (Luke 6, Tom 8)
  • 2 pieces bacon
  • 4 pieces toast
  • Mushrooms

Meal Two

The second meal was a large portion of protein, including fruit and protein powder. Luke put together a mix of melon, pineapple, and mango while Tom had strawberries.

Meal Three

The preworkout meal for the Stoltman Brothers was the first that was completely different. The calorie intake for Tom was 1,565 while Luke was slightly less at 1,274.

Luke Stoltman

  • Mince and vegetables
  • Boiled potatoes

Tom Stoltman

  • Ground pork burger
  • Apple salad
  • Potato wedges

Meal Four

Following their workout, Tom and Luke replicated their second meal of the day with protein powder and fruit. The duo added oats as well.

  • Whey Protein
  • Fruit
  • Oats

Meal Five

The final meal of the day was dinner for the Stoltman Brothers. Tom had his cheat meal, which consisted of a burger and fries while Luke had more chicken and potatoes. The two included protein powder once again.

Tom Stoltman

Luke Stoltman

  • Chicken
  • Boiled potatoes
  • 3 scoops Whey Protein

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