PNBA Danairo Moore Has Newfound Motivation After Suffering a Deadlift Injury

Danairo Moore suffers deadlifting injury
Image via Instagram @devon_moore029

PNBA Danairo Moore describes how a deadlifting injury generated more focus and determination to compete at the highest level in natural bodybuilding.

After getting in touch with Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Danairo Moore, he informed us that he endured a herniated L4 and L5 disc injury after deadlifting 405 pounds for reps. Moore noticed it after hearing a pop in his back during the lift. However, Danairo Moore’s not letting this impede his progress or wither his competitive nature. Instead, it’s led to more drive and motivation to dominate natural bodybuilding. Moore stated:

“I’m still recovering from my injury early this spring. I herniated my L4 and L5 disc, still got some numbness in my right foot. But I take my injury as a blessing. Because it made me more focused and willing to go out and give it my all.”

And he believes he can place in the top 5 if not top 2 at Natural Olympia. In 2019, Danairo Moore placed in the top 10 in the Men’s Physique category. Also, Danairo Moore has a multi-media contract with Generation Iron, Iron Man Magazine, and the INBA PNBA. This contract is an opportunity for outstanding INBA PNBA athletes with good standing in the league. Each contract athlete cooperates to undergo the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines and receives promotional opportunities and professional growth. 

Below is an Instagram clip of Danairo Moore doing pull-ups, which he claims he does 400-600 reps per week.


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Danairo Moore’s Shift to Fasted Cardio in the Morning 

Danairo Moore also told us his training’s shifted a bit as he prepares for the INBA PNBA Pro Am Natural Universe on September 3, 2022, in Tampa, Florida. Moore says that his work schedule has him doing fasted cardio in the morning and lifting late in the afternoon. 

It’s intriguing to see what fasted cardio in the morning combined with his anabolic fasting diet–intermittent fasting and low cab–will do to his physique as he heads towards the final stretch of the 2022 INBA PNBA season

Road to Natural Olympia 

It’s been a busy month for PNBA athletes as they prime themselves for Natural Universe. And some other natural bodybuilders have tweaked their training routines as well. For example, Philip Ricardo Jr. extended his contest prep to 20 weeks. And he’s noticed more fat loss and muscle maintenance, and he heads to stage with what he believes to be a much-improved physique compared to last year–where he points to a shorter competition prep prevented him from getting his physique to peak condition. 

Natural Universe is one of the bigger INBA PNBA shows that come before the king of all natural bodybuilding competitions, Natural Olympia. Natural Olympia takes place in Las Vegas, NV, November 10-13, 2022. The shows before help prepare and qualify competitors for this Super Bowl natural bodybuilding finale. 

One show that recently took place in July is the 2022 Pro/Am Iron Man Magazine Championships. Winners received up to $15,000 in cash and prizes and were featured in the next edition of Iron Man Magazine. 

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