The Upper Body Workout Men’s Classic Physique Athlete Henrik Edstrom Does Weeks Before Natural Olympia

Henrik Edstrom Natural Olympia upper body workout

Men’s Classic Physique INBA PNBA athlete Henrik Edstrom demonstrates upper body workout weeks before the 2021 Natural Olympia. 

Choosing the right upper body workouts is imperative for the results you want. The correct movements are even more critical for natural bodybuilding INBA PNBA professionals since they compete against the most elite natural physique athletes on the planet. In certain parts of the year, natural bodybuilders will focus more on cutting or bulking, and the same can be said for the different exercises athletes do to prep for competition. Depending on the time of year and the muscle group a natural bodybuilder is focusing on, will determine which exercises they do. 

As the biggest natural bodybuilding event globally – Natural Olympia – approached in 2021, Men’s Classic Physique competitor Henrik Edstrom demonstrated on social media what a total upper body workout session looks like for him. 

In an Instagram (IG) post on October 26, 2021, Henrick Edstrom said:

“Upper body focus. Great session today. Have been able to add weight consistently on all lifts over the last 3 blocks despite cutting BF. Less than 3 weeks out from the Natural Olympia.”

Henrick Edstrom’s workout helped him clinch a top ten spot (seventh) in the Men’s Classic Physique division at 2021 Natural Olympia. And he placed third in Men’s Classic Physique Masters. Natural Olympia was Edstrom’s pro debut into natural bodybuilding. 

Henrick Edstrom’s Natural Olympia Upper Body Workout 

Below is the upper body workout Henrick Edstrom performed just three weeks before the 2021 Natural Olympia. 

Upper Body Focus Workout 

  • – Warmup, mobility
  • – Jerk prep
  • – Jerk technique (light) 5×2
  • Close-grip pulldowns 4×8
  • Bench 5×5
  • – Seal row 4×8
  • Inc DB curl 3×12
  • – Rope pushdown 3×12
  • – BFR Biceps/Triceps circuit (3 rounds)
  • – BFR Delt circuit (3 rounds)
  • – 1/2 Murph (BW only)

*Note: Henrick Edstrom wrote the movements on IG.

You can see IG clips of Henrik Edstrom performing his workout below. 



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Henrick Edstrom blended an excellent mix of compound, isolation, and Olympic movements for his upper body workout before hitting the Natural Olympia stage in 2021. He performed big compound movements for his chest and back like barbell bench press and barbell seal row. And he mixed in cable rope tricep extension to target his triceps. Edstrom also made sure to include the Olympic lift jerk press for an explosive movement targeting his whole body. 

Natural Olympia 

Natural Olympia is home to the most significant natural bodybuilding competition worldwide. And it’s no surprise that it’s hosted by the INBA PNBA – the most prominent natural bodybuilding league. INBA PNBA competitors train for many bodybuilding shows throughout the year, but Natural Olympia is the one they want to show up in the best conditioning. It’s the Super Bowl for natural bodybuilders. And doing well at this show will increase athletes’ chances of signing a muli-media deal with Iron Man Magazine

Generation Iron (GI) had an entire camera crew on the ground capturing the best moments at 2021 Natural Olympia held November 11-13th, 2021. Below you can watch a behind-the-scenes GI clip. 

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