Tommy Fury Shares Crazy Physique Transformation Ahead Of Fight vs. KSI

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Tommy Fury has put in tremendous work in the gym and the results are there.

Tommy Fury is prepared to step in the ring on Saturday night. It is clear that he has put in the work to prepare for his next fight by the looks of his recently physique update, as it looks like he could be ready for the Mr. Olympia instead of a boxing match. The boxer shared a physique transformation on Instagram showing off his progress made in the gym, and he is absolutely shredded, with a good amount of muscle mass and a lot of vascularity.

In February of this year, Fury was able to step in the ring with Jake Paul and won by split decision. Despite suffering a knockdown in the final round, Fury came out on top on the scorecards. Now, he is prepared to take on KSI in Manchester on Saturday night.

In preparation for this fight, Tommy Fury shared a shredded physique update on social media, and it shocked just about everyone who had seen it.

“A 9 week transformation… one thing about me, I don’t cut corners. Ever.”


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Tommy Fury has spoken on his workouts before and tailors them to make sure that there is power in the ring. This includes hitting chest, back, and shoulders in order to build up his upper body in a big way. The results recently speak for themselves, and many have been wondering if Tommy Fury is still natural or not, and many have been speculating that he is using anabolic substances, while others say that the fighter may just have high testosterone levels and great genetics.

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Tommy Fury Preparing To Take On KSI

Tommy Fury recently spoke with Independent and expects an easier fight than he had with Jake Paul.

“I could beat KSI after 15 pints of beer. I could literally go down the pub all day, fight him at night-time and still beat him. If we fight 100 times I beat him 100 times. The plan is to get though these YouTube fights, do what I need to do in this sort of scene and I believe I am good enough to win a world title belt.”


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There has been personal beef between Tommy Fury and KSI, which always makes the fights far more interesting, as it is something that has added fuel to the fire between both sides. This includes when KSI spat at Tommy Fury’s father during an open workout between both parties.

Fury has put in the work to get his body ready for the fight and will now look to back it up in the ring on Saturday night.

“He’s going to need £200 grand around his mouth by the time I have finished with him. It will be a lucky night for someone when they catch it in the crowd.”

Tommy Fury: Natural or Not?

Now, as stated above, many people have been speculating that Tommy Fury’s supplement stack may include a little bit more than just protein powder and a couple scoops of creatine. However, he has been known for some insane transformations leading up to fights, and even Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates has commented on it in the past, making one of his infamous “Natty or Not” videos on the fighter, as he has done with so many other influencers such as Liver King.

However, this is all just speculation, and who are we to judge? Regardless, Tommy Fury’s transformation is insane, and shows off how hard he has worked. He is shredded and muscular, and looks ready to go!

Wrap Up

Overall, Tommy Fury’s recent transformation photo has completely shocked many people, and not just the fighter’s fan base. Over just a few weeks, Tommy has cut a significant amount of body fat, maintained- if not built more- muscle mass, and appears to be more shredded than he ever has leading up to this fight with KSI.

Do you think Tommy Fury will beat KSI? Let us know!

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