How To Get V-Lines To Make Those Shredded Abs Pop


Get those V-line abs for a shredded aesthetic.

Those V-line abs seems elusive, don’t they? Abs in general to be honest. You work hard, do the right exercises, eat the right stuff, but those pesky abs just don’t want to pop out like you want them to. You see people all the time with a shredded midsection and think, why do they have it and not me? There are reasons, some in your control and some not, but the nice part is, those in your control you can work to maximize to overcome those that aren’t.

People love V-line abs. They show off your core, outline and chisel your midsection to be something off a sculpture. It feels like the perfect aesthetic is not complete without a set of V-lines taking shape. Days where we show off abs can be daunting and not seeing results can be a tough pill to swallow. Bu the results are there and it just takes time for them to show. Knowing how best to get them and what is required can better prepare you as you embark on this V-line forming journey.

Let’s take a look at how to get those abs you want most. What you can do to better shape your desired physique and what you have to ignore as it is out of your control. With the right approach, you can better tackle anything that comes your way.


How Genetics Play A Role

Something out of your control is genetics and the role it plays in forming abs. There are people out there who just have that magic genetic component of a V-line. It’s unfair, right? Well, that’s just how it goes. There are many reasons at play when it comes to genetics, for example, the amount of fat you hold, the shape of your abs, the symmetry of them, among others. The best you can do is buckle down and put in the work.

What About Diet

They say abs happen in the kitchen. There is definitely truth to that. While exercise is crucial, so too is a healthy diet. Eating whole foods, pumping yourself with protein, and limiting carbs and sugar are a solid way to keep off unwanted body fat to tone and shred. Calories in, calories out.

You need to consume less calories than you burn in order to see the best gains and while this can be challenging, it needs to be done. Also, supplements are your best friend. Working with a number of supplements can take your workouts to new heights by pumping you with beneficial ingredients perfect for seeing real growth and effective change take place.

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Best Exercises For That Shredded V-Line

There are some key exercises to include in your abs routine to make sure those abs pop for the better. By working with these exercises and giving yourself the best chance at muscle growth, you will start to see them pop and eventually that desired shape you want most.

Let’s take a look at some of these exercises to better prepare us for the road ahead. Some of these are cardio-based while others are more bodyweight. Even still, the option to add weight for increased time under tension is something to definitely consider as this will most definitely increase overall muscle growth and a shredded aesthetic.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a great exercise for those V-line abs and will also work to mix in a cardio exercise into your routine. Working with balance and coordination, while also relying on your abs for stability, increasing strength and the need for better stamina and endurance.

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are nice for strengthening those abs and taking strain off your neck to alleviate any unwanted pain. Targeting your core muscles, the movement is great for that V-line shape as this targets deeper into your abs for the best results (1).

Ab Wheel Rollouts

A challenging exercise, ab wheel rollouts are perfect for they work a number of muscles and really give your core a great burn. Increasing stamina, strength, and coordination, the ab wheel is a great accessory to have in your gym bag for whatever workout comes your way (2).

Russian Twists

Russian twists work your entire core and are great for hitting those obliques. A stronger core ensures better posture and a more confident look and that is exactly what you get with these. The nice part is, you can do these bodyweight, with a medicine ball, or a dumbbell for that added challenge.


V-ups can be hard, but definitely worth it. Improving balance and overall strength is the name of the game and this requires your core to be braced the entire time to keep good form and alleviate unwanted back pain. Building core strength and stability, this is the perfect exercise to mix into your routine.

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How Can Cardio Work For V-Lines

Mixing in cardio is a great way to burn calories and ultimately burn fat. Of course, building muscle is imperative for that muscular physique, but by mixing in cardio, you allow yourself to shed fat and change your body composition. It is a fine line, however. Consistent longer distance cardio work will start to hinder gains so working with more HIIT based exercises will get your heart rate going, boost your metabolism, and give you that great sweat from an effective cardio workout (3). Plus, you build muscle too!

Wrap Up

Getting those V-line abs is hard. It takes consistent exercise, and the right exercises at that, while also sticking to a whole food diet with only the best foods. While genetics do play a role in the formation of V-line abs, it is possible to get them if you put your mind to it and really do the work. Try some of these exercises above, follow these tips, and give yourself the best chance at seeing the best success with a shredded core.

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