Victor Martinez gives his review of the 2024 New York Pro and get real about Nick Walker’s prospects at this year’s Mr. Olympia

The Generation Iron Podcast, hosted by the dynamic team of Victor Martinez, Ehsan Farahi, Edwin Mejia Jr., and Vlad Yudin, continues to be a treasure trove of insights and humor for bodybuilding enthusiasts. In the latest episode, Victor Martinez tackled intriguing fan questions, dissected the politics of bodybuilding, and provided a comprehensive recap of the New York Pro 2024 Men’s Open Division – including a full review of Nick Walker’s physique and his chances at the 2024 Mr. Olympia. Here’s a detailed look at the episode’s highlights.

New York Pro 2024 Men’s Open Division Recap

The New York Pro 2024 showcased an impressive lineup, with Victor Martinez noting it featured some of the most in-shape athletes he’s seen recently. While Nick Walker was the start of the show making an impressive victory, Martin Fitzwater emerged as a standout, surprising many with his incredible physique, suggesting a bright future in upcoming shows.

Nick Walker’s Performance and Prospects

The main spotlight was on Nick Walker, whose return from injury was highly anticipated. Victor believed the New York Pro was Nick’s to lose, but ultimately his performance did not disappoint. Many fans were worried how his conditioning would be after seeing him guest pose at the Pittsburgh Pro a week prior. But these worries were wasted as Walker may have brought the best physique of his career thus far.

Ehsan Farahi questioned if Nick Walker, returning to Olympia in the same shape as New York Pro, could secure a win. Victor acknowledged Nick’s improved conditioning but asserted that Hadi Choopan’s unique conditioning would still overshadow Nick’s. That being said – he noted that Nick would have a significant edge over competitors like Samson Dauda if they both appeared as they last did.

Beef Stew and Rising Stars

Victor also highlighted Stuart Sutherland (better known as Beef Stu), another impressive competitor from last year’s New York Pro. While Martin Fitzwater’s performance knocked Beef Stu down a bit, Victor emphasized Stew’s potential and expected more hype around him as he gains muscle maturity.

Nick Walker’s Olympia Chances

The conversation circled back to whether Nick Walker could win the Olympia this year. Victor humorously dubbed it the “Hany Rambod show” because Hany trains both Hadi Choopan and Derek Lunsford, making it a tough competition for Nick Walker. Victor acknowledged Nick’s capability to win but questioned if he could pull it off this year given the high bar set by his competitors.

Ehsan highlighted that while Nick Walker has an impressive “freak factor,” he lacks the 3D look that Derek Lunsford brings, reminiscent of Phil Heath’s quality. Despite this, Victor predicted Nick would land in the top 3 at Mr. Olympia, acknowledging the potential for unexpected surprises, as seen with Martin Fitzwater at the New York Pro.

New York Pro 2024 Classic Physique Division Recap

Switching gears, Victor briefly discussed the Classic Physique division, noting the impressive physiques but stating that none could match Chris Bumstead’s excellence. Chris’s dominance over the past five years sets a high standard for competitors.

Urs Kalecinski’s Potential

Urs Kalecinski was mentioned as a promising talent who could challenge Chris Bumstead in the future. Victor praised Urs’s ability to grow while staying within weight limits but noted that he needs to improve his presentation. Urs’s ambition to possibly move up to the Men’s Open division sparked debate. Victor believed Urs could excel in the Open if he fully committed.

Oily Sweat From TRT & Tren Usage?

A fan’s question about sweating oily substances while on TRT and Tren sparked an amusing yet insightful discussion. Victor Martinez, known for his candid and humorous style, joked about only experiencing oily sweat during intimate moments involving oil. On a more serious note, Victor expressed curiosity about the fan’s experience and admitted his limited knowledge in this area.

He revealed his own regimen, admitting to using TRT with “a splash of Tren,” which raised more questions about his dosage and reasons for combining both. Victor suggested that the fan might try stopping Tren to see if it resolves the issue, though he acknowledged his lack of direct experience with this specific side effect.

Are Politics Real in Bodybuilding?

The second fan question delved into the controversial topic of politics in bodybuilding, particularly questioning if Derek Lunsford’s 2023 Mr. Olympia win was influenced by a desire to keep the sport “interesting” rather than letting Hadi Choopan win again.

Victor staunchly defended Hadi Choopan’s victory, emphasizing the difficulty and prestige of winning Mr. Olympia even once. He argued that if politics were truly at play, Hadi would never have won initially. Victor highlighted the inherent challenge for returning champions to show significant improvement year over year, making repeated victories even tougher.

The discussion shifted to the influence of social media on bodybuilding. Unlike the past, where bodybuilders could remain hidden during prep, today’s athletes are constantly judged by their online presence. Victor explained that while judges only evaluate physiques on competition day, they are human and may be subconsciously influenced by what they see on social media throughout the year. He concluded that leveraging social media is more about human nature than political maneuvering.

Wrap Up

The latest episode of the Generation Iron Podcast offered a mix of humor, valuable insights, and in-depth analysis of bodybuilding dynamics. From addressing unusual side effects of performance-enhancing drugs to dissecting the potential political undercurrents in competitions, the hosts provided a comprehensive and engaging discussion. The recap of the New York Pro 2024 highlighted rising stars and set the stage for what promises to be an exciting year in bodybuilding.

You can watch the full episode above. And don’t forget to check back every week for new episodes on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded!

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