Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Strength Training

Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Strength Training

Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Strength Training

Women tend to keep a distance from the gym – especially the weights – because of the myths that have been pelted by broscientists for decades. Most of the ill-things that are said about women’s strength training are either incorrect or unproven.

Through this article, we want to put an end to the obnoxious myths and list a few benefits of strength training for women. You’ll surely be shocked – in a good way – to know some of the advantages of hitting the gym.

What All Should You Do?

If you want results, you should follow a structured plan that must include compound, isolation and isometric exercises. Sticking to one form of training will make you hit a plateau sooner or later.

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You Won’t Become Manly

Most girls shy away from the weights because they have been told that it can make them look manly. Women don’t generate enough testosterone to build muscles like boys. Training with weights, on the other hand, will help you tone, sculpt and tighten your muscles.

Spot Reduction Doesn’t Work

If you always shake your head disapprovingly while watching ads about sauna fat reduction belts but go to the gym and solely rely on crunches to lose belly fat, you’re in the same boat with the people who buy spot reduction products. Spot reduction is a myth. If you want to shed weight, you’ll be better of doing HIIT cardio.

Lifting Weights is Not Necessary

Many people have the misconception that strength training can’t be done without lifting weights. Lifting weights is a small part of resistance training. If you don’t like to pump iron, you could use resistance bands, medicine balls, do bodyweight exercises, etc.

You Don’t Have To Train Every Day

A busy schedule and the inability to hit the gym every day shouldn’t stop you from starting your transformation. Design your workout program around your hectic schedule and not the other way around.

What Should Be Your Intensity?

Many people are confused about the weights they should be lifting, the number of reps they should be doing and the amount of time they should be spending in the gym. There is no short answer to this question. Your intensity will depend on your goals and current experience level.

A beginner who wants a chiseled physique should be spending at most an hour in the gym, doing 12-15 reps per set and using moderate weights. A pro should be spending the same amount of time in the gym as the beginner, lifting heavier weights and doing a lesser number of reps.

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How To Get Better?

Like other things, you can only get better at fitness by putting in the time. Malcolm Gladwell, an award-winning writer, thinks that you need to dedicate 10,000 hours to a subject to achieve mastery. We’re sure you can transform your physique by putting in a fraction of this time.

You Won’t Gain Weight After Quitting

Some people believe that once you quit working out, you go back to your old self. They use this myth as an excuse to never start working out. While you might lose your peak conditioning after you quit training, you won’t go back to ground zero if you control your diet and engage in some kind of physical activity.

One Fitness Plan Works For Everyone

Googling “the best fitness program for beginners” is the first thing most of the noobs do when they start their fitness journey. Remember – there is no one-program-fits-all solution for physical transformations. For desired results, design a fitness program that suits your lifestyle and schedule.

Consistency is Key

Discipline and consistency are the names of the game when it comes to fitness. If you can’t stick to a diet, training or recovery program, you should never start a transformation program in the first place. Save yourself the time, energy and money.

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