The 10 Best Band Exercises

The 10 Best Band Exercises

Best Resistance Band Exercises You Should Be Doing

The resistance band exercises are some of the most undervalued and underutilized exercises. Bands are one of the few types of training equipment which change its resistance level at different positions throughout an exercise’s range of motion.

A band will add resistance as its being extended and will reduce the added tension as it returns to the starting position. A resistance band’s variable resistance property is fantastic in improving your weak muscle groups and building explosive strength.

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Assisted Pull-Ups

If you’re a fitness noob and can’t do a pull-up, the baned pull-ups are an incredibly effective way of building upper body strength. You might need different types of bands for different exercises. You should reduce the band strength as you get better at the pull-ups.

Banded Push-Ups

The banded push-ups are the only push-up variation which allows you to have constant tension on your pectoral muscles throughout the movement. You can change the resistance of the bands by grabbing them at different lengths.

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Bicep Curls

You could train virtually every muscle group using the resistance bands which leaves you with no excuses to ever miss a workout. The bicep curls are a simple exercise which can help in building definition in your guns.

Wood Choppers

Performing banded ab exercises can leave your midsection sore for days. Tie one end of the band at waist height to a vertical bar and grab the other end with both your hands. You should stretch out your arms to the sides at the starting point of the movement. Turn to the other side while breathing out and squeezing your abs. Return to the starting position and repeat for recommended reps.

Chest Flyes

Attach a resistance band to a pole and mimic the movement of the cable chest flyes. You should pause and squeeze your muscles with every rep while performing the exercises mentioned on the list.

Banded Leg Press

The resistance band use is limited by your imagination. You can add the bands to machines and put additional tension on your muscles. The banded leg press machine will have the highest tension at the top of the movement and the least at the bottom.


Tricep Extensions

Although the triceps is one-half of your arms, they don’t get the same love as the bis. Doing the banded tricep extensions will fill your tris with blood and lactic acid. You could perform variations like the standing, overhead, and bent over tricep extensions with the resistance bands.

Banded Bench Press

The banded bench press is an advanced exercise and should only be attempted by seasoned lifters. The resistance bands bring your core into action. As a result, your muscle stabilizers grow stronger.


In the big three compound lifts (bench press, squats, and deadlifts), you can keep one end of the band planted on the floor by tying it around a heavy dumbbell. The other end should be wrapped around the barbell.

Shoulder Front Raises

Performing the banded shoulder front raises will annihilate your anterior deltoids by keeping them under constant tension. We highly recommend adding resistance band exercises to your training routine as they can take your gains to the next level.

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