5 Exercises For A Solid, Thick, and Full Rounded Chest

Look no further…

It seems the quest for a perfect chest has eluded most bodybuilders. You’ll see many builders with good arms, legs, traps, but it’s very rare to be walking along and think “damn, that guy has the perfect chest.” Well guess what, you can be that guy.

In the following video, Uk based bodybuilder and fitness coach Mike Thurston gives us his 5 best exercises for a solid, thick, full rounded, and sexy chest. These 5 exercises should get you compliments anywhere from the gym to the bedroom. Thurston says you have to have a vision of what you want your chest to look like and the make an honest assessment of where you’re at. This will help you focus more on the area of the chest you need to work on.

“train hard, train consistently, train smart and learn how to be in complete control over your body and your muscles.”

-Mike Thurston


Barbell Bench press

  • Keep shoulders retracted throughout the entire set.
  • Imagine that you’re pushing your hands together for increased tension on chest
  • Hand placement makes a difference

Incline Dumbbell press

  • Change angles to hit different muscle fibers
  • Shoulders back to keep tension at the top of the chest
  • Go lighter weight for perfect form

Incline Cable Fly

  • Vary angle of incline for increasing muscle fibers
  • Have your intention of bringing your elbows together at the top of the movement
  • Cables give your muscles no rest by applying constant tension

Standing Cable Fly

  • Go lighter weight in order to stop shoulders from keeping forward
  • Stand up right and posture steady
  • Again, try and bring elbows together, just bringing your hands together won’t cut it and will cheat you of your gainz.

Decline Dumbbell Press

  • Great for getting the outter lower sweep of chest
  • Allows for greater range of motion than barbell press
  • Gives your shoulders back naturally because of the angle of your torso

While these are the 5 exercises that make the cut, Thurston encourages you to go out and explore other movements and see what works best for you. Train hard, train smart, and look great in the aftermath. That’s our philosophy.

Try these exercises and let us know what you think in the comments section below.