The Best Workout Supplements For Teens To Boost Health & Training

best workout supplements for teens

These are effective and worth it for teen athletes.

We all know the value of supplements and what they can do for our training, performance, health, and wellness, but when it comes to teenage athletes, the best workout supplements for teens may be hard to find. Some of those supplements adults take without thinking can actually have adverse effects on teens, examples being pre-workouts, fat burners, and testosterone boosters. And while teens may be at the age of starting to drink coffee, pumping themselves full of caffeine, for example, just isn’t worth it.

So, where does that leave teen athletes? This is a perfect time to teach them about proper training and how to structure a well-thought out nutrition plan. By giving them these worthwhile tools now, you can better help them with healthier habits for longer into their fitness careers. But their gains should matter just as much as ours and having the right supplements backing you can make all the difference.

Let’s take a look at the best supplements for teens to give you highly effective products that will boost all areas of your health and training. With great ingredients, cutting-edge formulas, and amazing results, teen athletes can put together a great supplementation routine to boost all areas of their gains and see results safely.

best workout supplements for teens

Best Supplements For Teens

While you may be familiar with almost all on this list below, you will notice some essentials missing. Those being essentials for adults, teens don’t need to worry so much about fat burners and pre-workouts, among others. Setting teens up with a set list of appropriate and worthwhile supplements can still work wonders so they see those results they want most.

Protein Powder

A protein powder is one of those supplements perfect for providing you with quality protein to aid in a number of benefits. Coming in dairy forms, like whey isolate and whey concentrate, as well as plant-based proteins, made from things like brown rice and pea protein, the options for you to find the right supplement to suit your lifestyle and diet are possible.


What a good protein powder will do is work to boost muscle growth, since protein is the building block of all muscle, enhance recovery, and aid in things like weight loss through satiety (1). With great flavors and a supplement loaded with protein, this is safe and works well post-workout.


Taking a multivitamin is an easy and convenient way to get all those important vitamins and minerals into your body that may be missed from whole foods. While we of course structure out meals to get the most benefits and proper nutrients, sometimes we just miss. But multivitamins can help with muscle maintenance, promote a healthy diet, increase energy and cognitive function, as well as boost your overall health and wellness (2).

For a great multivitamin, check out this supplement from Enhanced for an awesome product.

Enhanced Super Human Immunity is a 3-in-1 formula designed to maximize immunity and defeat sickness. Great ingredients include vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.


BCAAs are an interesting supplement for this is a great way to change up your intra-workout routine and enjoy a tasty beverage while loading yourself with worthwhile benefits. BCAAs can work to increase muscle growth, reduce fatigue, decrease muscle soreness, and prevent muscle wasting, while also helping to burst right through fatigue (3). A way for teen athletes to change up their mid-workout routine, what these will really do is give you some energy when you start to fade while also kickstarting muscle protein synthesis for only the best results when it comes to growth.


Creatine is a widely researched and studied supplement and will work in a number of ways to improve your overall strength and size to help with sculpting a physique and improving performance. This is a very popular supplement and is a staple in most athletes’ routines. For teens, following the right instructions and making sure you dose it properly can lead to seeing effective gains.


What you’ll find with a creatine supplement is an increase in strength, improved metabolism, better athletic performance, and assistance with mental capacity, all helping towards your goal of progressing farther with your fitness (4).

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a kind of omega-3 fatty acid with a host of benefits to your physical and mental health. Omega-3’s can be found in a few sources but fish oil is the most popular. What you’ll find with omega-3’s is that this will work to promote eye and cognitive health, fight inflammation, enhance heart health, increase bone and joint health, and boost immunity, all to give you a well-rounded health and wellness supplement you can rely on (5).

Why These Supplements Matter For Teens?

Teens deserve to see great gains as well and working with safe and effective supplements is an easy way to help boost your already well-thought out training and nutrition routines. By starting teens out with the right products and the right ideas around supplementation, you better set them up for their future when it comes to fitness and may excite them to want to learn more. After all, what we put in our bodies matters and we should do the proper research to make sure we understand what we’re taking. For teens, the right supplements can start them on a worthwhile path to gains and this list above is a great starting point to pull from.

Wrap Up

The best workout supplements for teens may seem like a challenge, and with so many options out there, the choice can be daunting. But knowing exactly what teens should take, and what they shouldn’t, can help make that decision a little bit easier. With the right approach and guidance, teens can find a quality supplementation routine in order to see the best gains come to life. Plus, they can do so safely and effectively to not jeopardize their health but fully optimize their gains.

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