British Natural Bodybuilding Champion Shows Off Jaw-dropping Middle Age Gains

Michael Boyle Middle Age Gains
Images via Instagram @mickb_pnba_pro

British natural bodybuilding champion and INBA PNBA competitor Michael Boyle shows off the astonishing muscle mass gains he made in his late 40s. 

There’s no denying that as we age, our bodies slowly deteriorate. Unfortunately, age brings along less muscle mass and more body fat. However, that’s not to say you still can’t make exceptional gains as you move through middle age. With the correct training protocol, anything is possible. Michael Boyle is the perfect example of this. The two-time natural bodybuilding champion – United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association (UKDFBA) 2020, 2021 – and 2021 Natural Olympia bronze medal Men’s Bodybuilding Masters competitor displayed his incredible middle age transformation on Instagram (IG). Boyle state:

“You can’t make gains in your 40s? 

On the right age 47 next time on stage age 49 and I will beat that guy. 

Only barriers are in your head . [sic]”

You can see his transformation photos below. 

After viewing the photos, it’s apparent that Michael Boyle was able to gain a considerable amount of muscle mass in his late 40s. Claire Burton is another British natural bodybuilding champion and INBA PNBA Natural Olympia champion who defied the laws of aging. 

What’s Michael Boyle’s Middle Age Gains Secret? 

Michael Boyle focused on lifting heavy weights with a lot of volume on big compound movements to put on the muscle mass he did from 2018 – to 2021. Deadlifts are a staple movement in his routine – he’ll use heavy weights and aim for reps of 20. 

Of course, he follows a structured nutrition plan, but he doesn’t completely get rid of cheat meals. Below, you can find a picture of how two days of “relaxed eating” may look for him. 


You may notice the glass of wine and wonder how he’s able to drink with the physique he’s built. Well, alcohol in moderation won’t do much damage to your fitness goals as long as it fits within your nutrition targets. Some research suggests that some alcohol can be beneficial for your health. Funny enough, legendary 8x consecutive Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman’s physique looked leaner after sharing shots of vodka with IFBB Pro Hall of Famer Kevin Levrone the night before appearing on stage. That’s because alcohol dehydrates you, so you’ll look veinier. 

You can watch the clip of Ronnie Coleman and Kevin Levrone recalling this through a Generation Iron exclusive clip from Ronnie Coleman: The King.

Natural Bodybuilding Is Safer

In natural bodybuilding organizations, drugs are not allowed. This makes bodybuilding safer for competitors since they must undergo drug tests. In addition, of course, this lowers the chance of doping since federations like the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) ban athletes from competing (and from earning a multi-media contract with Iron Man Magazine and Generation Iron) if they ever fail a drug test. As a result, natural bodybuilding helps keep the sport of bodybuilding safe since drugs can be detrimental to your health. 

Michael Boyle embodies what’s possible with your physique as you age. If you’re following an efficient training program, you can advance your age as you approach middle age. Although Michael Boyle came up a little shy of the gold medal in the Men’s Bodybuilding Masters division at 2021 Natural Olympia, he plans to put in work to come out victorious within the next couple of years

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