Chris Bumstead On Whether or Not to Use Steroids

Chris Bumstead gives advice on whether or not steroid use should be an option.

When it comes to bodybuilding and seeing progress, it is certainly no secret that supplementation is a huge part of it. Supplementation with things like creatine and protein powder helps largely in recovery and packing on muscle mass, but is that all it takes? In a world filled with social media and fitness influencers constantly capturing the best lighting with a great pump, many are left wondering why they do not look like a Mr. Olympia competitor within a year of lifting. This is where you see the rise of things like SARMs or anabolic steroids being used amongst younger generations.

Chris Bumstead has given some sound advice on whether or not taking steroids should be an option for someone wanting to get into bodybuilding. During a 2021 Q&A, the Classic Physique champion stated his stance on whether or not taking steroids was a good idea.

Chris Bumstead has certainly cemented himself as the Classic Physique champion of the Mr. Olympia, and is someone that many aspiring bodybuilders look up to. After dethroning Breon Ansley in 2019, Bumstead would again reign supreme at the 2020 show, followed by 2021 and 2022, making him the current reigning champ at the Olympia. Bumstead has undoubtedly brought one of the best physiques to the stage regardless of any division. The Canadian retained his title to become a two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion.

The reigning Classic Physique champion has asserted his dominance in the division. With an impressive posing routine at each Olympia and increased muscle maturity every time he steps on stage, there is no doubt that Chris Bumstead has carved out a legacy for himself. As such, Bumstead’s popularity has skyrocketed with a bodybuilding physique that closely resembles the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

Headed into the each Olympia, many questions are usually raised about Chris Bumstead’s training and preparation for the next show. Chris is someone who is not afraid to engage with his fan base, which is another reason he is so well received and respected in the community, but this led the Classic Physique champion to make a YouTube video back in 2021, in which he answered some fan questions.

Disclaimer: Generation Iron team are not medical professionals and are not advising for or against the use of any performance enhancing drugs, rather stating the facts surrounding these substances.

Are Steroids The Answer?

One question in particular seemed to stand out among the rest, and it is something that many gym goers tend to ask themselves every day. A fan question about whether or not starting steroids was a viable option for bodybuilding, Bumstead gave a distinct answer.

“The answer is no,” said Bumstead. “I have this new theory where if you have to ask someone else if you should take something potentially harmful to your body, the answer is already no.

“That decision has to be your own, and it has to be a well educated decision, because people like bodybuilding for a few years, and they take steroids and they’ll be like ‘I don’t actually like bodybuilding.’ Then they’ll quit bodybuilding, and their body is still f**ked up from the juice or whatever they took in the meantime.

“So that decision, you shouldn’t ask anybody that. You should just know, and you should be f**king dedicated to wanting to do it. So no, you shouldn’t if you’re asking me that.”

It’s a pretty interesting answer to say the least. Rather than give a yes or no, leaving it up to personal responsibility is the only logical answer for Chris Bumstead to give. What do you think about Bumstead’s answer? Check out his exclusive interview with Generation Iron discussing his winning workout routine for the Olympia.

Chris Bumstead’s Steroid Cycle

Since the Q&A video asking Chris for advice on steroids, he has since come out about his own steroid usage. Chris came out in June of 2022 to discus his steroid cycle, which he stated he had lowered and is healthier and looks better. The classic physique champion stated that he used to run up to five different compounds at once when he first started the sport, but has seriously cut back, to maybe one or two. While he did not dive into specifics of what compounds he has taken due to not wanting people to copy his ways, Chris did say that preserving his health has been a main focus in his journey.

He did hint at taking 200 mg a week of testosterone in the offseason, which is right around the average TRT dose; but then when it comes time to jump into prep, that number will maybe go up to 500 mg a week and there will be other things added in.

Mainly, Chris Bumstead preaches health over anything and to really stay up on things like bloodwork to make sure everything is in check.

Diet Over Everything

One thing that Chris Bumstead has put an emphasis on is his diet, stating that it is “perfect”. This is something that we completely agree with, because diet defines your physique, regardless of it you are on anabolic substances or not. If you are pushing gear but not dieting properly, you will not look the way you want. Making sure you are tracking macros and getting adequate amounts of things like proteins, fats, or carbs supersedes any steroid cycle you may be tempted to try.

Chris Bumstead Steroids Wrap Up

Overall, current classic physique Mr. Olympia champion has spoken on the topic of steroids several times. He tries to remain as transparent as possible, while not giving too much away as to where people may try what he does. Regardless of your decision on whether or not to use anabolic substances, it is certainly imperative to stay on top of things like diet, exercise, bloodwork, and so on, to make sure you are healthy as can be.

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Jonathan Salmon
Managing editor of Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. He has been writing about bodybuilding, combat sports, and strength sports for over 8 years. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.