Derek Lunsford Shows Off Incredible Near 8-Pack During The Offseason

Derek Lunsford as maintained an impressive 8-pack during his offseason.
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Derek Lunsford has remained in top shape during his offseason showcasing abs.

There are some competitors that are just wired different than others. Derek Lunsford falls under that category and shows it off each time he is in the gym. Recently, Derek Lunsford showed off his shredded midsection, sporting nearly an eight-pack abs during his offseason.

Lunsford will not be competing in the 2024 Arnold Classic after being named Mr. Olympia bad in November. It is likely that he will not take the stage again until he defends his title on the biggest stage in the sport. This has not changed his offseason work. Lunsford has remained shredded while adding more size.

Lunsford pulled off an incredible victory during the 2021 Olympia when he defeated Shaun Clarida for the Men’s 212 title. Following the show, he put on an incredible amount of muscle and showed it off as a guest poser during the Pittsburgh Pro. It was clear that he would be unable to get back down to compete in 212 but that was the plan all along.

Lunsford received a special invitation for the 2022 Olympia and finished as the runner-up to Hadi Choopan in Men’s Open. This year, he turned in his second finish in the top two but jumped Choopan to win the title. He became the first competitor to win an Olympia title in two separate divisions.

Derek Lunsford recently opened up about his battle with depression.
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Derek Lunsford’s Insane Midsection

It is amazing to see a competitor with that kind of size maintain his abs like Lunsford has – -and even finding ways to add more.


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Derek Lunsford got plenty of attention from fans thanks to his recent video. It was not just fans either as Milos Sarcev left a comment.

“Now you are talking 💪🏻”

Fans flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on Lunsford’s abs this offseason.

“first Mr. Olympia with a ten pack?”

“He got more abs somehow. 🔥”

“off-season abs just set a new standard! 🔥🌊”

Derek Lunsford will be the one to beat come the Olympia in October. He was able to win his first Men’s Open title in 2023 and will attempt to hang onto it against a loaded Men’s Open class. By the looks of his offseason updates, Lunsford has remained in top shape.

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