George Farah states that Kai Greene recently reached out asking for coaching to kickstart “real” bodybuilding prep

The long running video series, A Conversation With… has returned kicking off with an insightful and engaging episode featuring the esteemed bodybuilder coach and nutrition expert, George Farah. This new entry in the multipart series delves into the intricacies of bodybuilding, exploring Farah’s experiences, methodologies, and the mental aspects of coaching elite athletes. This week, George Farah reveals that Kai Greene has messaged George asking to “start my prep for real.” But will it actually happen?

George Farah is a renowned figure in the bodybuilding world and is celebrated for his expertise as a coach and nutritionist. With a career spanning over two decades, Farah has guided numerous athletes to success in major bodybuilding competitions.

His approach, characterized by a deep understanding of both physical and mental training, has earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected figures. Farah’s journey, marked by his own experiences as a competitive bodybuilder and a cancer survivor, adds a profound layer of wisdom to his coaching philosophy.

After decades of accomplishments, George Farah is now the star of a brand new documentary called The Guru, chronicling his impressive career and what he has contributed to the sport of bodybuilding. The film is available now on Amazon.

George Farah is also a longtime collaborator with Generation Iron ranging across a wealth of interviews and expert opinion within the sport. Now he returns to the network for our latest digital series – A Conversation With George Farah. Let’s dive in.


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Is Kai Greene Returning To George Farah For Training?

Over the course of nearly the last decade, fans and commentators in the sport have often raised the rumor of Kai Greene returning to competitive bodybuilding after his unofficial retirement. Some of these rumors have been sparked in part by Kai Greene himself – often speaking cryptically (and perhaps even trolling his bodybuilding fans).

Without fail, nearly every year some sort of outlet or fan group hype up a possible Kai Greene return to bodybuilding and even the Mr. Olympia. So Vlad Yudin took this opportunity to try and set the record straight with one of Kai’s closet collaborators – George Farah.

Should we stop talking about a Kai Greene comeback? Is it ever really going to happen at this point?

Instead of ending these rumors for good – George Farah reveals information that just might push the comeback hype even further. And he has the text message receipts to back up his words.

George Farah notes that he just recently received a text message from Kai Greene. In the message, Kai states that he wants to train with George Farah as his coach again. Kai goes on to message, “I need to start my prep for real.”

George admits that after he responded back to this message – he has not yet confirmed or scheduled any sort of actual agreement to coach or train Kai Greene. But that doesn’t mean it’s off the table either. Much like his cryptic way of speaking publicly, Kai Greene can be mysterious about when and where he solidifies his plans. Perhaps sometime even after this episode’s release will Kai lock something serious in place.

That being said, George Farah also expresses uncertainty – being unsure if Kai Greene’s message is for an actual competition or merely personal goals. Or perhaps Kai was simply making a joke or teasing George since they are also long time personal friends. That’s the thing with Kai – you never really know.

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Do Bodybuilding Comebacks Ever Really Work?

Beyond Kai Greene specifically, George Farah observes that most bodybuilders do not perform well after a long hiatus, with some bodybuilders such as Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger being a rare exception.

This is largely because of two factors. First, many bodybuilders retire or take a hiatus because they are nearing the tail end of their prime years. They are simply older and face larger challenges against an ever growing young, talented, and hungry roster of competitors.

Second, a long hiatus from bodybuilding is hard to bounce back into it. The consistency and dedication to bodybuilding over many years is what makes a champion. A five year break in between can disrupt that – and many failed comebacks seem to prove that point.

However, in the case of Kai Greene, George Farah notes that Kai has never stopped training and maintains an impressive physique. This is partially why so many rumors rise up year after year. If you take a look at any of Kai Greene’s social media accounts – you will see a man who has still held impressive mass monster size. Most bodybuilders who retire don’t do that.

If Kai Greene were to make a comeback, George Farah believes he might defy the odds and perform exceptionally well. “We’ll be all surprised,” says George, if Kai were to actually take a comeback seriously.

The Most Demanding Client

When asked by Vlad Yudin about the most demanding client he has ever worked with, George Farah provides a thoughtful and insightful response. While he refrains from naming specific individuals, Farah emphasizes that the mental aspect of an athlete is often the most challenging part of his job. He explains that his approach starts with addressing the athlete’s mindset, helping them develop a winning mentality and adherence to their training and diet programs.

George shares a compelling anecdote about coaching Ali Bilal for the Pittsburgh Pro. Despite rigorous training, Bilal was extremely nervous and doubted his abilities just days before the competition. Farah had to spend considerable time convincing Bilal that he was prepared to win. This story underscores Farah’s belief that mental fortitude is crucial for success in bodybuilding.

Challenges with Training Programs

Yudin’s next question delves into the challenges of finding the right training program for pro clients. George Farah reflects on his past experiences, acknowledging that he used to spend significant time adjusting his methods to accommodate clients who struggled with his coaching style.

However, in recent years, George has adopted a different approach. He now prefers to work with individuals who resonate with his methods rather than altering his approach for clients who might not be a good fit. Farah believes that compatibility between coach and athlete is essential for achieving the best results.

Bodybuilding Client Departures and Compatibility

Yudin asks if George Farah has ever tried to convince a client not to leave, feeling that more time was needed for the athlete to achieve their potential. Farah candidly responds that this situation happens frequently. He recounts instances where clients, disappointed by their results, considered leaving.

George Farah always allows them to make their own decisions but believes that some athletes need more time to adapt to his training methods. He also acknowledges that sometimes it is best for the athlete to find a coach who is a better fit. Farah’s focus remains on the well-being and success of the athlete, even if it means letting them go.

Wrap Up

The first episode of A Conversation With George Farah sets the stage for an enthralling series, offering deep insights into the mind of one of bodybuilding’s most respected coaches. George Farah’s experiences, philosophies, and anecdotes provide valuable lessons for athletes and enthusiasts alike. His emphasis on the mental aspect of training, compatibility between coach and athlete, and respect for the individual underscores the holistic approach that has defined his successful career.

As the series progresses, viewers can look forward to more profound discussions and revelations from George Farah, guided by the adept questioning of Vlad Yudin. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of bodybuilding and the intricate dynamics between coach and athlete.

You can watch the full episode above. And make sure to check back every week for a new installment in the series on the Generation Iron Fitness Network.

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