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Sometimes the classics are the best.

No matter what your opinion is, there’s no replacing the aesthetics of the classic bodybuilding physique. It was an era where bulging muscles and massive size were¬†considered commendable, but definition and symmetry were king. The physiques were much more attainable than the massive forms we see in professional bodybuilding today. Bad genetics or not, the bodybuilders in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s were less reliant on supplements and relied more on classic hard work and dedication.

Nowadays the physical forms of the pros seem so far out of reach for the average Joe. But physique isn’t the only thing that’s seen a major overhaul, it’s also the posing routine. The athletes these days are all well versed in a bunch of different poses, but there’s just something about the poses of the classic bodybuilders in their heyday. You don’t see the vacuum or the victory pose all that often these days and because of that it has an iconic stature. Take a look at some of the top poses by some of the greatest old school bodybuilders.

Frank Zane

Generation Iron Frank Zane

There’s no denying Zane’s vacuum pose was among one of the best the sport has seen. This was certainly his go to move and likely what brought him such success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Generation Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger


You can’t mention the classics without putting Schwarzenegger on the list. Like Zane he was a master of the vacuum pose but he also brought a flare with the mantis pose.

Sergio Oliva

Generation Iron Sergio Oliva

Oliva was a true bodybuilding God at the height of his powers. His arms and legs were massive yet he had a slim waist that brought everything together. It’s highlighted in his signature Myth pose that no other bodybuilder can do quite the same.


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